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FOF #2373 – In the Kitchen with The Vixen

The Vixen has had quite the week- she was featured in a major newspaper article on just how real the struggle is, which prompted an online fight with Gia Gunn from RuPaul’s Drag Race, but best of all, her episode of Cooking with Drag Queens premiered!

Today, the Vixen joins us to talk about what didn’t make it on her episode of Cooking with Drag Queens and why she kept pointing out that’s not how her mother would make gumbo.

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FOF #2200 – Two Black Women

People are hopping mad at Marissa Johnson & Mara Willaford for halting a political rally in Seattle moments before presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was scheduled to speak.

By challenging the liberal candidate, these two black women are now facing a lot of heat. Many activists from Black Lives Matter are asking them to apologize and some people outside of the movement suspect sinister forces are at play.

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FOF #2028 – Trannika Rex Works the Street Festival

Market Days, the Midwest’s largest street festival, is just days away and it’s estimated that over 350,000 thousand people will be in attendance.

Unlike the unwieldy mob of drunk people at the Pride Parade, Market Days is a heck of a lot of fun, with a lot of free entertainment like Belinda Carlisle.

Joining us is Trannika Rex, our twisted sister from another mister to kiki about Chicago drag queens and the vintage musical acts booked for the festival.

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VIDEO: Chicagoist Blog Describes Darren Criss Dance Party Video as “World’s Saddest Flash Mob”

The Chicagoist described the flash mob that formed by the Darren Criss street team as the “World’s Saddest Flash Mob.” And Darren’s fans are none too pleased. How sad does the flash mob seem to […]

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FOF #1231 – Prop 8 Blowback Mountin’

Prop 8 has been overturned, whee! But a hater’s work is to fight against civil rights and as long as they are getting paid, they’ll do the job.

Still, we’re confident that soon everyone will be able to marry each other, everybody except robots.

Today we’re joined by robot-loving Curtis Jensen to talk about what some of the haters are doing to foil equality.

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FOF #1222 – I’m Burning Up

We are gearing up for Market Days, Chicago’s hottest street fair located in the heart of Boystown. Join us this year at Steamworks‘ booth and play Twister with some of the Midwest’s hottest hunks dressed in swimsuits.

Cabaret baby Melissa Young joins us to give an update on her weight loss regiment and her all cat cabaret show. Plus, all the hot news.

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FOF #1030 – Let’s Twist Again

Steamworks’ director of Marketing talks about the gay festivals happening this weekend, including Northalsted Market Days the largest street festvial in the midwest. One of our favorites is their Twisted Booth where anyone can play the classic game with hunky men.

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FOF #816 – Market Days Madness

What a weekend! Chicago almost busted at the seams as over 200,000 people came from all parts of the world to hang out, celebrate and enjoy the perfect weather, music and sexy people walking around […]

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FOF #815 – Twisted Twister

Yipee! Market Days is almost here, and we are SO ready for it. The Midwest’s largest street fair, drawing over 200,000 people from around the country is happening this weekend and one of the funnest […]

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