FOF #815 – Twisted Twister

Aug 8, 2008 · 1985 views

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Yipee! Market Days is almost here, and we are SO ready for it. The Midwest’s largest street fair, drawing over 200,000 people from around the country is happening this weekend and one of the funnest […]


  1. RicoPablo says:

    Juan Carlos is CUUUUUTE!!!!!

  2. Teddy says:

    Great show guys. The Atlanta/Tornoto moment had me laughing for a while. JC is so cute 😉

  3. Pete says:

    can’t get enough of market days coverage! i’m fully prepared to buy overpriced beer and feel self-conscious about my body.

    i went to college in san antonio and know for a fact that Gay Boulevard is the epicenter of homosexual activity in the fiesta city. they can’t take that from us!! baptists are worse than catholic school nuns or riot police; always trying to break up the party.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Hilarious episode. Epic. Curtis Jensen brings a great energy to the show.

  5. Superboy says:

    I’d love to release the pressure with any of you guys anytime! It’s nice to know that such down to earth people are behind sssssssteamworks. Great show guys

  6. Matt says:

    Great show. Fat Pride egh?…. well I guess, I aint ashamed of my size, I would never want a Large, that would be too tight on my manly curves. lol I loved how you asked Curtis and Juan if they identified with certain subcultures of the gay community. I myself identify only as gay. I mean I could also go with cub, or the bigger boys. But I dont really like to put myself in more then one box. 🙂 I love cheese! Cheese is great on just about anything! I liked the inflatable church idea. What about an inflatable Steamworks? Now that would be awesome!!!! Great show boys!

  7. UiBriain says:

    Fausto is right about not knowing where a guys dick has been…
    I know somebody who went out to a bar and got smashed and gave some random guy a blow job. The next day she had a rash around her mouth and went to the doctors, thinking she had a std. It turns out that the guy she blew was a mortician and had been having sex with the bodies he worked with. She had an allergic reaction to chemicals in the bodies.
    NASTY! keep your lips away hehe

  8. Xavi says:

    gawddammit JC. how’d you end up as a guest before me?! Just kidding! what a great surprise to hear your voice!

    Fausto…looking forward to seeing you again in SF so i can tell you in person that you’re the only person who’s upset that Halloween in SF was canceled last year.

  9. UiBrian! That story just SCREAMS urban legend! I need proof! What a good story, if it is true. WOW.

    XAVI, I think a lot of people were upset about SF’s struggle with their holidays. Can’t wait to hang with you on Thursday Aug 21! Don’t be late, we’re going to have a gooood time. 😀

  10. UiBriain says:

    hahaha i know i know…I figured somebody’d say that.
    I don’t know…it was convincing enough when they told me. who knows.

  11. PureeTofu says:

    Do you guys need me to make more shirts?
    Seriously let me know!

  12. I really enjoy the raunchy shows! A dirty mind is a joy forever.

  13. Beverly Baccci says:

    input your comment here…
    I love the cake farts-even more so I love hearing you studs laugh over the sound of that silly bitch while she’s doing it!
    PS I can suck air in my butt,it’s easy-piece of cake!

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