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FOF #883 – Jann Klose Live

Let’s get a little bit Kloser, don’t be shy. The German born, African raised Jann Klose is here in the home studio and he looks and sounds like a dream. Jann just dropped by the […]

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FOF #877 – Q Boy Keeps it Fresh and Hot

I love old school rap music. Who can’t forget the intense work of Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash or Salt-n-Pepa? I’ll always have a HUGE place in my heart for the quirky beatboxing of the Fat […]

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FOF #740 – Bitch Please!

Bitch! No, I’m not talking about yo’ momma, I’m talking about Bitch with a captial B, the righteous musician best known for being part of the former indie rock band Bitch and Animal and for […]

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The Fantastic Miss Piggy!

It’s no secret that Miss Piggy is someone very, very special. But did you know that she once had her own TV special? Now THAT is SPECIAL! This 1982 special starring the fantastic Miss Piggy, […]

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FOF #723 – Sing a Happy Song

Tracy Tyler is confused. She can’t seem to figure out what song to sing for Good Friday. And for that matter, just WHEN is Good Friday anyways? Tuesday? Saturday? Friday? That sounds just too obvious. […]

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