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FOF #1863 – Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Entertainers that are just starting out are faced with a tricky situation- most of them don’t want to get painted into a corner with regards to things like their sexuality, gender or race, but at the same time, those unique qualities can really draw in an audience.

Joining us today is Natalie Jose who recently starred in Oprah’s Network reality TV series “My Life is a Joke” which followed five Chicago female comedians struggling with their careers on making people laugh.

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FOF #1843 – Hop Aboard Matteo Lane’s Bait Bus

Sometimes when we have a sexy gay guy on the show, he nervously brings a friend along to keep us from hitting on him. Nice try Matteo, it never works.

Today the hilarious, Matteo Lane joins us with his hunky, muscular friend Evan Williams to talk about their rising careers as comedians in New York City or maybe Matteo brought Evan along because he thinks this podcast is some kind bait bus.

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FOF #1839 – Bytches United To Crush Homophobia

After years of making big money playing secret concerts for the ultra rich all over the world, pop stars are singing a new tune by challenging oppressive regimes, especially when it comes to LGBT rights in Russia. Could we be seeing a Sun-City style boycott of Russia?

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the growing movement to challenge Russia’s hateful laws.

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FOF #1810 – Poppy Champlin’s Wild Kingdom

One of the top comics of the lesbian comedy circuit is Poppy Champlin, who is well known not only for insight into lesbian mating practices but she’s also a genius mimic who can do amazing bird calls and animal sounds. She’s even got a monologue filled with over 100 fish related puns.

Today we’re popping the cork off Poppy Champlin as she chats with us from her remote home in the woods of Rhode Island.

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FOF #1770 – What’s Love Got to Do With It

Like fuck, love is one of those powerful words that is used to mean just about anything. The most popular type of music is love songs and inside them are some pretty horrible cliches that don’t really help those struggling in the romance department.

Today we take a look at the cliches in some of the most popular love songs and offer some relationship advice on how to stay strong with the one you love.

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VIDEO: Oprah Beats Up an Old Woman On Jimmy Kimmel

Yes, that really is Oprah beating up an old lady. Don’t worry, I’m sure it was a stunt-granny. On Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar show, Jimmy pitched new show ideas to Oprah for her struggling OWN network, […]

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Google Image Search

I was looking for an image in Google Images and I saw that you can now drop a photo in the search bar and you’ll get similar looking images.

I dropped Dapne Dumount in and this is what I got:

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VIDEO: Oprah and the Yelling Goat

Fausto, the Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh’s for you!

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FOF #1409 – We Love Mo’Nique

Join us as we talk to the very funny queen of sass, Mo’Nique, about her amazing journey from stand up comedian to Oscar winning actress and what’s happened to her since she won the award.

Mo’Nique answers all your hard questions- about Oprah, Barbara Walters, Richard Pryor, and why Holllywood struggles with diversity.

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More on the Marshmallow

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing. I’ve recently come across more information on Walter Mischel’s famous marshmallow experiment of deferred gratification often mentioned on Feast […]

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