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FOF #1967 – TV Shows Time Forgot

Hollywood loves a good reboot because it’s easy to make money on shows from the past that have an already existing fan base. Sadly too many of these projects flop, ruining the original with the stench of their failure.

Today blogger Robyn Pennacchia joins us to take a look at fabulous TV shows time forgot, when sitcoms and sci-fi were filled with good writing and fabulous theme songs.

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FOF #1678 – People For the Ethical Treatment of Sharon Needles

Drag superstar Sharon Needles joins us to talk about why she did PETA’s Halloween ad campaign that asks people to not be flesh eating zombies, her passion for being vegetarian and how to turn chopped up body parts into the ultimate fashion accessory.

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Sharon Needles Wants You Not to Be a Flesh Eating Zombie

Best choice for a spokesperson yet! PETA has picked Sharon Needles to be the face of their Halloween ad campaign asking all her fans not to be flesh eating zombies. “If gnawing on flesh turns […]

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“Touchdown Jesus” Could Have Been “Naked PETA Jesus”

Touchdown Jesus, who may have actually been a Terminator sent from the future to destroy us, was recently lost in a fire on I-75 near Dayton, OH. It was a day that will live in […]

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FOF #907 – What’s Hot When It’s Cold

Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean you should be staying in! On today’s show we’ve got Kevin Thomas, your gay concierge and friend to all bears (and their admirers) to talk about what’s hot […]

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