FOF #1678 – People For the Ethical Treatment of Sharon Needles

Oct 16, 2012 · 1985 views

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Drag superstar Sharon Needles joins us to talk about why she did PETA’s Halloween ad campaign that asks people to not be flesh eating zombies, her passion for being vegetarian and how to turn chopped up body parts into the ultimate fashion accessory.


  1. I have a soy allergy. I really WISH soy wasn’t added to just about everything under the sun. It’s a dream ingredient though. It can thicken, it can thin, and it adds protein to anything it is added too. It is the most used oil in restaurants for frying. It also causes some pregnant women to have medical issues. It’s super cheap thanks to the subsidies. Check the ingredient listing, I would guess 90% of the time soy, in some form, is added. Damn soy!!

  2. JK says:

    Hiya Fausto,

    You’re shilling for paleo a little hard without acknowledging the tremendous amount of pseudoscience involved in its basis and promotion (ditto on the statement about vegetarianism being bad for the environment). I’m an epidemiologist and cancer researcher if you’d like to be directed to some relevant peer-reviewed resources, I just don’t want to be wasting my breath.

  3. That is scary. I am going to have nightmares!

  4. woah, a lot was said in that interview, what to comment on first.

    While Sharon made it clear that she doesn’t care about what PETA does, and does not agree with everything they do, which is fine. But that’s not how most people see it. To most people, when you associate yourself with some group, especially a group like PETA, they think you agree with/endorse everything they stand for. SO I am not surprised by the backlash Sharon got for doing the video. I thought the video she did was fun, but I can’t say I really support PETA, not so much because of their extreme campaigning against eating, eat etc etc, but the fact that the majority of the shelter animals they “rescue” end up being euthanized.

    that all said, it was great having Sharon on the show again! She is the best! I wish her all the luck on her future endeavors, I do agree that she has to ignore the haters and the people trying to bring her down. She just has to be who she is and focus on the people who care about her, like Fausto said.

  5. Than says:

    Many studies have been done on the health effects of genetically modified foods. People have been eating GMOs for decades. There is no evidence that GMOs do any harm to human health whatsoever. There’s an argument to be made that there is an environmental harm or at least environmental contamination implication that goes with GMOs, and there are certainly legal implications with patenting seeds. However, there is no important difference in nutrition between GMOs and so-called ‘organic’ foods. Humans have been genetically modifying our food through selective breeding practices for 10,000 years. We’re still here.

    The beef and pork industries could never support current demand without factory farming practices that are devastating to the environment. Without reducing the demand on meat (veganism, vegetarianism, pescatarianism, or pescaterian+), we could never support the demand for beef and pork with organic ranching. The environmental benefits of at a minimum putting greater emphasis on fruits & vegetables in your diet cannot be denied. I think the health benefits of doing so have been well demonstrated.

    If you want to raise awareness of harmful foods, look no further than fatty, salty, sugary processed foods. People should be eating whole foods, not always necessarily organic.

  6. Public policy like this should not be on the ballot, it should be done by the legislature. I don’t think anyone is against this in concept, but this isn’t the way to do it.

    for those that care, like you and me, organic food in california is never and can never be genetically engineered.

    for those that don’t, all the processed food, fast food and empty calories that they eat are for more harmful than a genetically modified tomato.

    I voted no on 37. i don’t agree with you guys but i love that you discussed this today!

    great show!

    • Why can’t legislation just pass a law requiring the labeling of GMOs? Since when is food labeling a bad thing?

      • it will go in the “This building contains chemicals known to cause cancer” heap. Well intentioned but 100% ignored.

        The people most at risk already have nutritional information that is being ignored. Seeing GMO potatoes in the ingredients isn’t going to stop anyone from buying them.

        Food labeling isn’t bad. Trader Joe’s already does it. I’m not against food labeling, I’m against having it on the ballot.

  7. sorry…i gotta take a shit. talk to alaska.

    still laughing!!!

    ps….marc, I would like to remind you (again) that I’m Mexican. 😉

  8. This was a very fascinating podcast with interesting conversations on many topics! Sharon Needles is very articulate and really knows how to stand up to our two lovable hosts! As to Miss Shangay Lily, she’s one of the best known drag queens in Spain (see and image).

  9. Ah, and as to soy not having any flavor, that totally depends what you do to the soy (especially if you ferment it): soy sauce and soy paste are the key seasoning to many dishes:



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