FOFA #1821 – Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck’s Ring of Fire

Jul 15, 2013 · 1985 views

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If love is a burning thing that makes a fiery ring, there’s no couple that burns brighter than Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck. These two cutting edge queens are now traveling together doing live music shows, but life on the road ain’t always so easy. Sharon recently stuck her foot in her mouth by Austrians that Hitler was one of them. What really happened? What was she thinking?

Today as Alaska and Sharon answer your questions and open up about their relationship and with the Supreme Court overturning DOMA– will they finally tie the knot?


  1. This is the same podcast as #1827 🙁

  2. jon jim says:

    Wrong audio guys! Please correct!

  3. alyr says:

    Who cares? We already know what she was thinking, the same old tired schtick. Old news. And recycled idiocy “racism” ooooohhhh wow edgy. Sharon, come up with something new and relevant. Or at least entertaining. Oh wait. Never mind. Alaska go get your life and get rid of this ball and chain.

  4. Moonson says:

    Getting lips and veneers is punk and subversive now? I love you both but gurls … gurrls.

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