FOF #1827 – Pat Yourself on the Backtivism

Jul 15, 2013 · 1985 views

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Whenever something awful happens in the big bad world, people inevitably turn to the internet to vent their anger. Although some may dismiss intensely political updates as pointlessly preaching to the choir, your online rants may actually change the hearts and minds.

Today comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to talk about the George Zimmerman acquittal, Trayvoning as the new planking, and why people’s anger online serve makes the world a more just place.


  1. Bryce says:

    This is Bryce and after a short hiatus from Feast of Fun. This was a great podcast. I must say that between Brian and Fausto, I definitely tended to agree more with Brian. I think our society does think that if we change our Facebook profile picture or reblog something on Tumblr that we are contributing to the overall fight against whatever the issue of the moment is. I honestly thought Fausto was being a little naive … but I like that though. Optimism is never a bad thing. I think both sides have some valid points. I mean sometimes a small action can bring about a calvacade of change. Remember Rosa Parks refused to get up from her seat and it was one of the most iconic moments of the Civil Rights Movement.

    I missed you guys! I love how Brian made me laugh over death. That’s a fine line to walk. Autotuned psalms! Fausto you are too much!

    Uncle Marc, I know Fausto has been hailed as the sex symbol of the showm but you have definitely taken stage and you are looking all kinds of good with the gun show and everything. Mazel tov.

    Glad to back to Feast of Fun Uncles Fausto and Marc and Big Brother Brian. Got lots to catch up on! Love you guys!

  2. poor man’s bidet: expensive toilet paper (unscented) and a small spray bottle of water. Wipes are not only bad for your skin, they’re bad for your plumbing (even though the packaging says they are safe).

    Uncles?! more like aunties. 😀

  3. I don’t ALWAYS use babywipes. I more often wet the toilet paper.
    I am sorry to have started such controversy.

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