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FOF-Inspired QTalk Arizona Turns 100!

We brought our friends Marc and Fausto onto the “Joe and Babe Show” to talk about the past, present and future of podcasting.  

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Lady Gaga Addresses AZ Boycott via Tweet Prior to Performing

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been keeping an eye on Lady Gaga and the AZ Boycott.  For awhile, anti-SB1070 folks speculated that she would participate, then were disapointed when news broke that the concert […]

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So… what happened at Senator McCain’s office?

In case you missed it… Today at 5:00pm in Phoenix Arizona, there is going to be a rally at Senator McCain’s office in support of the five activists who were arrested today at noon, Phoenix […]

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Marc and Fausto Get the Key to the City of Phoenix

One of the most touching experiences of our trip to Las Vegas was meeting Joe Dugandzic and his boyfriend who make a podcast called “Nidocast.” They interviewed us for their show and at the end […]

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