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FOF #2785 – The Bodybuilding Soul Singer Mekole Wells

One of our more memorable podcast guests is singer Mekole Wells, who was stabbed in the throat ten times by her neighbor and left for dead.

Today singer, PhD candidate, personal trainer and bodybuilder Mekole Well joins us to chat about her new journey as a bodybuilder and why it’s so hard for some people to take the first steps to transform their body, mind and life.

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VIDEO: The Champions of Pole Dancing

Keem Martinez won the 2nd place, he starts his performance as a male mermaid. Pole dancers from around the world came to together in Budapest, Hungary for the World Pole Sport Championships.  For the first […]

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FOF #1348 – Things That Make You Go Woof

Actor Taylor Lautner is considered by many to be the sexiest werewolf in showbiz, but he has some tough competition for the hottest Wolfboy title from Michael Trevino from The Vampire Diaries.

This past weekend we spent some time at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo and we had a chance to catch up with Michael and I got him to go “woof” for all the fans and the bears out there.

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VIDEO: Pole Dancing for Jesus? See Darlin, You Are a Whore.

You heard me right: Pole Dancing for Christ! Ex-stripper, “Crystal Deans,” teaches her fellow church members how to work the pole in the name of her Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ. Despite the fact that […]

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When I Grow Up I Want to be Like Mommy

You better check your children’s homework carefully. Source

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VIDEO: Hot Young Man Dancing With Stripper Pole

Check out Lola Lypsinka out of drag rehearsing for pole performance! An amuzing sexy video that showed up while we were watching my alter drag persona  Lola von Miramar’s video saying hello in Spanish.

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