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FOF #2341 – Taming the Fame Monster

Lady Gaga was right- fame is a monster: you lose friends and family over jealousy, you feel drained after too many gigs and are left wondering how you’re going to find the energy for your next project.

Today we’re joined by reality TV producer and filmmaker Kerthy Fix to talk about common mistakes people make when they become famous because of reality television.

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VIDEO: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Interviews

The wait is over, all the Feast of Fun Season 8 Red Carpet Interviews are now up! Check it out as we talk to the Season 8 queens on the red carpet at the Chicago premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race in Chicago.

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FOF #2290A – When Reality TV Bites Back

In the early days of the podcast, we blurred the lines between reality and fantasy, with many of our guests improvising their roles we created for the live show. But, in many ways the characters they played were a mirror of their true selves.

Today comedian Amanda Cohen joins us to take a look at her pioneering role as Amanda Steinstein 14 years ago and how all of us being on What Not to Wear impacted our friendship.

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FOF #2290B – When Reality TV Bites Back

In Part two of “When Reality TV Bites Back” we continue our podcast with Amanda Cohen about how being on the reality TV makeover show What Not to Wear impacted our friendship.

Plus, how Amanda rediscovered her love for stand up comedy. And how big of a struggle did Amanda have with the host of the show Stacy London?

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FOF #2265 – A Pirate Santa Story

Avast ye mateys! For over 22 years, old salt Karl Ward has been THE Pirate Santa to kids of all ages. In Mexico, where he usually spends his Christmas, he is known as “El Santa Pirata.”

He is the front runner on the new reality TV show Santa’s in the Barn, where ten Santa Clauses battle it out in the “ultimate Christmas competition” to become America’s Best Santa.

Today we’re joined by the Pirate Santa to talk about why we need to embrace the holiday spirit of giving and love now more than ever.

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FOF #2225 – Tommy Walton Sets the Kitchen on Fire

We’re just crazy about Tommy Walton, who Chef Gordon Ramsay said was one of the most memorable people on his reality TV cooking competition MasterChef.

Today we chat with Chef Tommy Walton about his stint on reality TV, his wild fashion sensibility and how he managed to convince one of the contestants that he was a vampire.

FOF #2097 – Michelle Visage Wins Celebrity Big Brother UK

The time has come for Michelle Visage to give lip for her life! Our favorite judge from RuPaul’s Drag Race is on the new fairy tale themed season of Celebrity Big Brother UK, and let’s face it, she’s pretty much won the show.

Joining us today is “The Real Elf” Tommy Holl who spent the holidays dressed up in red tights for his second career as a Christmas media personality and mascot.

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FOF #2070 – How to Get on Reality TV Without Really Trying

The late pop artist Andy Warhol said that “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Well that future is here, and thanks to YouTube, social media, podcasts and Reality TV, anyone can into the media spotlight.

Today the fabulous Ian Bernardo, who you might remember from such TV shows as American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and Millionaire Matchmaker joins us to share his secrets, and give us all the behind the scenes dirt on being a reality TV personality.

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FOF #1971 – The Glasshole is Half Full

Nick Starr always manages to piss people off by the way he uses technology. He was the first person to Twitter he was going to commit suicide. It got him a lot of attention, not all of it good. Now he’s become the face of a Glassholes, people who obnoxiously insist on wearing Google Glass at public spaces despite people’s objections.

Listen as Nick Starr talks with us about his experience with Google Glass, his very public battle with folks who think it’s a terrifying combo of man and machine and is Nick just another broken soul using technology to get attention?

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