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VIDEO: America’s 5 Favorite Ways to Ignore Jesus

America’s best Christian Betty Bowers is back with a scathing new video taking a look at people’s hypocrisy when it comes to following their own religious beliefs. Written by Andrew Bradley and narrated by Deven […]

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IMAGE: Christian Book Trolled by Photographer

A photographer comments on the photo he took that was used for a religious book.

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FOF #1422 – Inside Oral Roberts’ Gay Family

Today were are joined by Randy Roberts Potts, the good-looking grandson of the late Oral Roberts who recently came out as gay. With the recent attention paid to youths dealing with bullying and suicide, Randy wanted to tell his story not just for himself but for his uncle, Ronnie, Oral Robert’s own son who committed suicide in 1982 because he was struggling with being gay himself.

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Daily Show: John Stewart Takes on FOX’s Hypocrisy Over the Killer in Norway

Is FOX really trying to say the Norway Shooter isn’t a Christian extremist?

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VIDEO: Gay Dad Martin Berusch Alienated From His Children

I have met Martin in New York 2 weeks ago and discovered a wonderful personality. With a halo of sadness in his eyes and a big stone in his heart though. Since months he’s fighting […]

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Bishop Eddie Long Settles Out of Court

Bishop Eddie Long settled out of court on allegations he abused his position as leader of his mega-church to seduce young men. The four alleged victims received an undisclosed amount of money and in exchange […]

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VIDEO: Ronald Reagan Saved the World

There’s nothing like a little Ronald Reagan to put the fear of God in the hearts of children. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is promoting “Learn Our History” videos produced by a company he owns. […]

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Should the “Surfing Madonna” Come Down?

The “Surfing Madonna” is painted on public property so some people feel as though it should come down because it’s religious in nature. But others love it and see it only as art. What do […]

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VIDEO: Betty Bowers’ New Gospel

Betty Bowers examines our relationship to God.

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VIDEO: Homophobic Belgian Arch Bishop Hit with Pies

Not once, not twice, not three times but for a total of four times, a homophobic priest get hit with four, count them, four pies!

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