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FOF #2162 – From Katya With Love

Known as “Mom” by her fans, the hilarious drag queen Katya Zamolodchikova couldn’t be more beloved even if had she gone on to win on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7.

Today, MOM is on! Katya Zamolodchikova joins us to talk about the darker times of her not-so-distant past, her Russian drag inspiration and if she’s really just a KGB agent in disguise in order to infiltrate a gay propaganda reality TV show.

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FOF #2161 – Born on Pride

Pride Month of June is just around the corner and it seems like people are more divided than ever- activists crying out against an all white celebration of Paris is Burning, British art icon David Hockney saying gays have become boring and bloggers languishing over the future of gay culture.

Joining us today is comedian Cody Melcher, whose birthday this year lands on the same day as Chicago’s Pride parade and the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

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FOF #2090 – Peaches Christ’s Accidental Christmas Movies

One of the great things about the holiday season are the movies! They provide us the opportunity to celebrate with our friends and family with out actually having to interact with them. But closer to our hearts are films use Christmas as a backdrop to stories about fighting, fear, wild sex and murder.

Today Peaches Christ joins us to take a look at some of our favorite movies you may not realize take place during Christmas.

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FOF #2076 – Kim Chi’s Tangy House of Style

Chicago drag queen Kim Chi named herself after the Korean spicy pickled cabbage. Her feathery sense of style combines an Asian esthetic with high fashion. One of her drag gal pals Trannika Rex describes her as Margaret Cho in a funhouse mirror because she’s 6 foot three, out of heels.

Listen as Kim Chi takes us on all you can eat buffet of Korean culture, from Psy’s Gangam Style phenomena, to Asian drag and the gay scene in Kore

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FOF #2051 – Matteo Lane’s Sex Life

It’s hard to date men when you’re an openly gay comedian who talks about his sex life as part of his act.

Comedian Matteo Lane is having a rough time dating guys because they worry he’s not only going to kiss and tell, but that he’ll be putting their dick size on blast.

Today Matteo Lane joins us to talk about this hot guy he’s been wanting to get lucky with but who doesn’t seem to want to put out.

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FOFA #1847 – The Strange History of Advertising Booze

When it comes to advertising alcohol, companies used to highlight the product’s qualities, but then they ditched that, in favor of focusing on people the consumer could identify with. Now it’s just horses farting in a chicks’ faces. What happened?

Today, comedian Sean Flannery joins us to talk about the strange history of advertising booze- How companies went from bragging their beer was the cheapest, to using hunks and athletes to sell their brand.

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FOF #1937 – Teri Yaki’s Valentine’s Day Surprise

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! For many people Valentine’s day is super annoying, with the social media getting clogged up with tacky valentines, desperately horny singles pleading for nookie, obnoxious couples flaunting their relationships, and Taylor Swift.

But screw that– Valentine’s Day is all about love, and so we’re spending it with two bad girls you’ll love, Teri Yaki and her gal pal Dakota.

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FOF #1932 – Putin is Watching You Pinch a Loaf

Russian officials are on the defensive after journalists have been posting hilarious and disgusting photos of their nightmarish hotel rooms in Sochi, saying the whole thing is overblown.

Today we take a look at the hilarious and disgusting Olympic sized mess unfolding in Sochi, and wonder if Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is watching journalists taking a shit?

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FOF #1931 – Sochi Olympics Disaster

Girl, shit has hit the fan in Russia. Olympic sized shit! With Russia’s anti-gay laws and violence towards its own LGBT people, the games were already controversial and now it looks like all hell is breaking loose.

Joining us today is Tommy Holl– who sounds a little hoarse because he drank some of the that Olympic golden water.

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In Russia, Santa Claus is always in drag.

Holy shit! Check out this fierce Russian Santa Claus from Siberia (The eastern part of Russia situated in Asia). He’s known there as Ded Moroz. In Russia, Santa Claus decides you’re naughty if you don’t […]

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