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FOF #1985 – Stop and Smell the Roses

Today we stop to smell the roses and take a look at some easy things you can do right now to improve the quality of your life.

Joining us is television producer Ryan Burdick who from the tender young age of 16 grew up listening to this podcast, and now works for a television company in Washington D.C. Listen as Ryan shares with us his insights on enjoying every bit of life and turns the tables by interviewing us on our ten years in podcasting.

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Photo: Hanging Out With NZ’s Egg Lady

Angela, Aaron & I say a big hello from Wellington, New Zealand. And yes, she is even cooler in person. =v)

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FOF #1540 – Everyone Just Wants to Have Fun

Everybody says they like to have fun, yet it’s not always easy to find exciting ways to enjoy ourselves without getting wasted and peeing in your neighbor’s bushes.

Today our unofficial intern Ryan Burdick joins us to talk about how to find meaningful experiences to indulge the spirit and refresh the soul.

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IMAGE: Monkey Business

My grandpa sent this to me. My questions is – why?

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FOF #1431 – Lola Von Miramar Takes Over the World

We’re in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Larry La Fountain, the man behind the fabulous Lola Von Miramar from the “Tostones” video.

Join us as we have a fabulous talk about drag queens, Puerto Rican drag queens and building a college course on the cultural fringe.

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Photos: Costumes from Wizard World 2011

Lots of costumes at this year’s Wizard World!

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The Illustrious Pam Grier at Wizard World 2011

I started my day off right at Wizard World 2011 with a Q&A session with the illustrious Pam Grier who talked about her 40 year career spanning from the sexy blackploitation films of the 70s, to working with Paul Newman and Quentin Tarantino to her roles on the L Word and Smallville.

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FOF Special Edition: The Gay Intern Show

It’s been great literally hanging out with Marc who has let me edit videos and eat way too much ginger peanut caramel corn.

Fausto is in Texas but Marc is my guest and co-host on my first ever attempt at creating a podcast, which still needs a name! (Please send help).

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VIDEO: How to Make Ginger Peanut Caramel Corn

Ryan Burdick and Marc Felion show you how to make a delicious ginger peanut caramel popcorn recipe.

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FOF #1425 – Growing Up Feast of Fun

For all the unhappy stories we year about LGBT youth today, for many their experience is one filled with excitement and wonder as the world has never been so accepting.

Today we’re joined by our summer intern Ryan Burdick who started downloading the podcasts when he was in high school. With his parents permission, of course.

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