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FOF #1950 – CrossFits of Rage

Transgender athelete Chloie Jönsson is suing CrossFit for 2.5 million dollars after being told she has to compete with men even though she’s transitioned to being female.

If there is already a precedent for people with hormone replacement therapy to compete in sports, why should this be any different?

Joining us today is sour-puss comedian Brian Sweeney to take a look at gender identity in competitive sports, and how some organizations have proposed solving this dilemma.

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FOF #1949 – How to Open it Up without Shutting it Down

Relationships, like the people who make them, are as beautiful and unique as the stars in the sky. Some relationships are stricly monogamous, while others are quite fluidic.

Today, writer, polyamory expert and talk show host Cunning Minx joins us to talk about the common mistakes people make when opening up their sexual and romantic relationships to others.

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FOF #1942 – The Worst Talk Show Hosts of All Time

Talk show hosts are dropping like flies! From Katie Couric to Piers Morgan, Alec Baldwin and Bethenny Frankel, it seems like all talk show hosts are losing their jobs.

Today comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the worst talk show hosts ever who despite their fame, wealth and access to stellar guests couldn’t manage to create a show anyone wanted to watch.

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FOF #1932 – Putin is Watching You Pinch a Loaf

Russian officials are on the defensive after journalists have been posting hilarious and disgusting photos of their nightmarish hotel rooms in Sochi, saying the whole thing is overblown.

Today we take a look at the hilarious and disgusting Olympic sized mess unfolding in Sochi, and wonder if Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is watching journalists taking a shit?

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FOF #1928 – The Kids are All Right

These days, old folks complain that the millennials, people born in the decades before the turn of the century, are selfish, vain and all they want to do with their time is redefine their identities and sex it up.

Is that such a bad thing? Today we take a look at the sex lives of Millennials, and why the sexual revolution of the 1960s pales in comparison to today’s sexual revolution 2.0.

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FOF #1919 – Smoking in the Boys Room

Since the first barbell was ever curled, men’s locker rooms have seen a lot of frisky business. If you give guys enough time and privacy, sex happens.

So what is the right thing to do when you see guys getting their game on in the steamroom? Ignore them, join in or rat them out?

Joining us today is comedian Eric Clements to follow up on his story of the well hung and unhinged locker room creeper who aggressively stalked him.

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FOF #1901 – Your Body is an All You Can Eat Buffet

When you look closely at the advice some sex columnists dish out, you’re left wondering: “have they ever had sex?” There’s a lot of one-size fits all solutions out there, when let’s face it, not everything fits in you-know-where.

Today we take a look at advice sex columnists like to give out, the good stuff and the bad stuff that could land you in the hospital or turn your groin into a combination platter of circus, roller coaster and all you can eat buffet.

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FOF #1868 – Working on a Sex Farm

For many people it’s important to not just come out of the closet, but to break down all barriers when it comes to their sexuality. It’s these barriers that hold us back everywhere: in our jobs and in our lives.

Today comedian Kevin Allison joins us to talk about opening up creatively by exploring hiss sexuality at a kink camp. You may remember Kevin as the openly gay cast member of MTV’s comedy show The State from the early 90s.

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FOF #1855 – Crazy Sex Myths Busted

With Hollywood and the Internet endlessly pumping us full of hot, rich, thick messages about sex, you’d think we’d all be super well adjusted people who totally get it, and get it often.

But sometimes that’s not the case, after all there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Today we’re taking a look at some sex myths you probably believe are true, with our gal pal Summer Nettles.

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FOF #1838 – Brian Sweeney Gone Wild

Everyone gets a little pleasure seeing someone who’s been bottling up their feelings cut loose. Whether it’s a little old lady cursing, a uptight guy in a suit starting to dance or a sexually repressed person getting jiggy with it, we love when they go wild

Today Brian Sweeney goes wild and joins us to talk about times when straight guys get romantically or sexually attracted to other men, and why gay guys sometimes love to see a macho man taste the rainbow.

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