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IMAGE: Even the Fake Taylor Lautner Doesn’t Like Girls

Taylor Lautner’s new wax figure could care less that he has girls climbing all over him.

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Taylor Lautner’s Coming Out on People Magazine is Fake

They say it’s a fake. but do we really need Taylor to come out on the cover of People magazine to know he’s gay? This says all I need to know-

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This gif Speaks for Itself

Actor Taylor Lautner speaks without words.

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PHOTO: Twilight Goes Gay

We always knew Jacob was gay. Don’t be jealous, it was scale.

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VIDEO: Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

‎The honor of your presence is requested to witness the headbaord smashing, honeymoon sex of necrophiliac Isabella Marie Sawn and the very fertile, but dead, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. I have so many questions, like […]

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Taylor Lautner Can’t Stop Googling Himself

Taylor Lautner, in his magnificent prime, can’t stop Googling himself—at least onscreen. When he discovers his character in “Abduction” is on a missing kids website and that his kung-fu parents are not his own, people […]

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David Duchovny Says ‘I’d Go Gay For Anyone On Twilight’

David Duchovny recently said he would “go gay” for the stars of Twilight. But it’s not as hot as all that- he also includes boner killers like Woody Allen and Garry Shandling on his hit […]

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Taylor Lautner Forced Feminized

Me so pretty!

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IMAGES: Taylor Lautner’s Abs Make Everything Better

A collection of images superimposed with Taylor Lautner’s incredible abs. Now don’t we all feel better?

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