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Who Wants to Die for AI Art?

When Divine screamed “who wants to die for art?” in the film Female Trouble, nobody thought it would be the Terminator delivering the deadly blow.

A new trend sweeping social media is portraits created by artificial intelligence software that analyzes your own selfies along with millions of other photos to create mouth watering, heroic thirst traps of you.

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FOF #2675 – Alt For Norge Crowns A New Winner

It’s been a thrilling season on Alt For Norge, where my gorgeous husband Marc Felion and 11 other Norwegian-Americans competed in challenges based on language, culture and history.

Joining us today is Marc’s castmate and the winner of Alt for Norge season nine, Kelsey Jaffer. Listen as actor, writer and singer Kelsey Jaffer chats with us about what it took to snatch the crown give Everything for Norway.

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FOF #2674 – An Early Look at Drag Race All Stars 4

The wait is over, RuPaul announced her All-Stars 4 cast, 10 queens from past seasons who are ready to battle it out for a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

Today we take a look at the all new Season 4 of Drag Race All-Stars, who do we think is going to snatch the crown, and who will the the first gal to be sent home packing?

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FOF #2026 – The Burn Book Goes Digital

It was bound to happen. Someone has made a an app just like the Mean Girls “Burn Book.” Secret, the hot new app that allows users to anonymously share secrets has nabbed 25 million dollars in venture capital.

Will Secrets ever become a Wikileaks app for Hollywood?

Today social media socialite Tommy Holl joins us to take a look at the hot new Secret App, and why people love to gossip.

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VIDEO: Robot Has Swagger

Check out this Robot walking to Staying Alive from Saturday Night Fever – he does it better than most of us!

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VIDEO: New Twitter

Looks like twitter is getting a make over. HuffPo has “11 Things You NEED To Know About the New Twitter“

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Let Your Mind Control Your World…

Truly amazing results from this brainwave sensor system. The video is a bit “techy” to start with but it shows the power of the idea. via Derren Brown

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iPhone 4 Actually The Cheapest To Own

Of the latest rounds of SmartPhones, has found that the iPhone is the cheapest one to own in the long run. BillShrink lined up some of the hottest new smart phones – iPhone 4, […]

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Faster Damnit, FASTER!

Ever feel like Elizabeth Taylor standing at the microwave shouting FASTER at the food hoping that it will get done faster? Ever feel the same way when you’re downloading a file from the internet – […]

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Austin Chronicle Article About the SXSW Panel

Geeking Out How gay community and the interwebs are enjoying a more than civil union BY KATE X MESSER Fausto Fernós Many a late night was spent AltaVistaing, typing in letters, words, phrases. What was […]

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