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FOF #2001 – 2001: A Space Oddity

Due to illness, our 2000th podcast retrospective has been delayed. Many of you are itching for new podcast to listen to, so we are releasing one we did with Peaches Christ early for the Plus members.

Today Peaches Christ joins us to take a look at some of our favorite moments in sci-fi films. Why are robots so gay? Is Rocky Horror Picture Show really Sci Fi? And Sluts a Go-Go, the San Francisco drag troupe that created the film Vegas in Space.

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FOF #1865 – Tops vs Bottoms

For blogger Zach Stafford, he feels that men who wind up on top take for granted all the things bottoms have to go through to make the sex happen, from eating right, to tidying up the back porch and protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

Join us as we take a look at ways guys take for granted being on top, and what your Hook Up App profile photo says about you.

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Wicked the Musical is Headed to the Big Screen

The smash Broadway hit musical Wicked, a Wizard of Oz prequel of sorts, based on the fantastic novel by Gregory McGuire is headed to the big screen!   The creative team behind the stage version are […]

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VIDEO: The Wizard of Dogz

Because every film classic deserves to be remade into a YouTube video with dogs, the BBC decided to remake the Wizard of Oz with an all dog (and cat) cast. I’m surprised they didn’t get […]

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FOF #1168 – Women of the Bible

Just because the Good Book isn’t so good to women doesn’t stop us from having a good time. Today we’re taking a look at the women of the Bible with drag queen pie expert, Bertha Mason and Cindy Sunday from the hilarious Best Church of God.

Listen as Bertha and Cindy talk with us about the multitude of hot religious beliefs that surround us all, robot babies and how Michael found a sexy good time on a chat line. Plus: ruby slippers, prison rape, loneliness and a Chinese grandma goes back to primary school.

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The Brady Bunch + Wizard of Oz + Car Wash Song

The Brady Bunch had a Variety Hour and somehow they incorporated The WIzard of Oz along with Dancing and Singing the song Carwash. Surreal and so good. Is that Rip Taylor playing the Cowardly Lion???

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The Wizard of Oz Got Served

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. I never saw “You Got Served” but I like how they tranny Dorothy out.

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