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VIDEO: Beat Me Down- Ep. 7- “BODYBAG!”

Welcome to the most intense BEAT ME DOWN yet!  This routine will have you gasping for breath as you push yourself to the extreme trying to complete it as fast as you can!  You will […]

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FOF #1567 – Common Mistakes You May Be Making at the Gym

It’s not like our bodies come with instruction manuals on how to work out to look our best and feel fabulous. And if they did, you’d probably woudn’t read it anyway.

Today we take a look at some common mistakes we’ve made at the gym and how we fixed them so you can learn from our experience.

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FOF #1563 – Muscle Building Myths

When it comes to building muscle, it can feel like you’re at a Mexican flea market, overwhelmed by piñatas, jumping beans, crying children and colored baby chicks.

Let’s bust some popular myths on putting on size and getting that muscular body you see in the magazines- eating late at night, how much protein is enough, the impact of pre-workout energy drinks and what your sore muscles are telling you, if you’re willing to listen.

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VIDEO: Functional Leg Exercises: Prevent Injuries to the Hips, Knees, & Ankles! (Part 1)

Whether you are playing sports or suffering from what is known as “old age,” you need to ensure that you will maintain as much mobility as possible in your body and be able to avoid […]

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VIDEO: Jump Higher INSTANTLY (3inch MIN)

Ever think of how much more you would improve your game in some of your favorite sports if you could jump 3 inches HIGHER!? My friend Jack Cascio of “Twice The Speed” has been training […]

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VIDEO: Plyo Intensity: ”EXPLODE UP!” Volume 1

This routine is designed to work on your overall explosion whether you are trying to jump higher or further.  All you need are some plyo boxes and enough space to jump high and far!  Plyo […]

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VIDEO: Erica Nix Gets Us to Sweat in an Interview About Fitness.

The 80s throwback exercise guru, Erica Nix,interviews Fausto and I about exercise and body modification and then leads us in a aerobics routine for her web series Workout. Erica brought the crazy costumes we are […]

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FOF #1545 – Get Fit and Funky!

Who said you can’t be fabulous while putting on muscle? Today we’re talking to Texas fitness blogger Erica Nix about fun fitness trends, celebrity videos, slogans and some simple fun things you can do to get in shape.

Think of Erica the love child of Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda, as if mating the two was even possilble, as she’s well known for her kooky workout videos and classes here in Austin Texas.

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April is stress awareness month.  What better way to eliminate stress than to CRUNCH it out!?  The SHF ABS of GLORY routine will get your abs looking SO GOOD that there will be nothing to […]

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VIDEO: My Leg Workout- Scott Herman

Once you begin to feel comfortable with the weights, it is time to increase the intensity of your workout! You need to “shock” your body at times or else it will get used to doing […]

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