Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown

Mar 28, 2008 · 1985 views

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We loved hanging out with Kennidi and Reina at Paper Dolls, the drag show at Mary’s Attic which is held every Thursday night. The host of the drag show is Mercedes, who was recently crowned […]


  1. DKMPLS says:

    Its so great to see Kennidi’s many talents. Move over Oprah!

    FYI, one of the related content videos on the YouTube site of this video was a video of a gay man who knows ASL (American Sign Language) and he signs/dances to some popular songs which looks really good:

    I hope it is posted appropriately!

  2. Are people having problems with using the embed code?

  3. Pete says:

    there is way too much fabulousness going on here. kennidi looks AMAZING as always and lights up the youtube screen with her sparkling personality and come-hither looks. i love mary\’s attic and will have to drop by and check ya\’ll girls out sometime.

    dkmpls, that signing video is great and that guy is cute as hell but i hope he makes some money off his talent. his place looks like something you\’d find on http://www.luriddigs.com/

  4. kennidi says:

    Aww ty guys so much for the kind words! I love the FOF family, and I am proud to be a part of it! But to be real honest if it wasnt for FOF i dont think Tranny Talk 101 would exist! Fausto encouraged me to do something and here is what has come out of it!!! I so loved having Marc and Fausto drop in on our show this week, its so much fun being with them! Last night at Mary\’s was a blast and I want to send a shout out to my new lesbian friends: Angie and Alexis!

    Pete, I will be performing at Mary\’s Attic next Thursday nite! SO come out and see me!

    Much Love,

  5. SAL-E says:

    Oh No you Bitches didn\’t!
    You went and tried the crown?
    I peed myself and giggled my ass off…………
    And WHY was I not in the video?
    Was it the lack of makeup?
    Do I need to be painted to be on your show?
    Where are the pictures of Fausto in the wig?
    Love ya

  6. OK boys….there is a $5 petting fee to play with my fur wrap!!!!! It\’s fox fur, btw. Great to see you at the show!

    ox, R-

  7. kennidi says:

    SAL-E…U FUCKING LEFT OR U COULD OF BEEN ON SHOW! U DONT HAVE TO BE IN FACE TO BE ON OUR SHOW! We fucking love u, and ur welcome anytime! Oh Regina, we loved playing in ur drag…its so much fun! It looks good on Fausto! He\’s cute in fur! Much Love, Kennidi

  8. Sal-E, you know very well why you weren\’t in the video, because you went home! Nobody is holding you back. It was great to see you and all the queens trembling before Queen Mercedes.

  9. That Kennidi, what a fucking class act!

  10. SAL-E says:

    I was just playing……… I had to go home……………….I needed to catch up on my Beauty Sleep.
    Can\’t wait to do it again.
    We all have to wear crowns next week…………..
    Love ya

  11. Mateo says:

    I love Tranny Talk! I\’ve watched every episode so far. Those gals are great! Congrats to Mercedes!!

  12. SAL-E says:

    And there is such a thing as \”Science\” Behind this whole drag/female impersonation/Transgender/pagent system thing………………………For real…………..Mercedes even says so…………………………………..There is Science behind it Science I say SCIENCE!
    You may not find it in a book but Tranny Talk 101 is about to school and educate the masses………..all the girls in hiding there will be no more shame or looking lame…………..get ready to see some manifestaions pop up here and there…………..
    Get ready to see the Chicago Gals show you how it\’s done.
    Reyna and Kennidi you Rock!
    Love ya

  13. WOW! What great videos…. I was all excited to write about the fabulous Kennidi and Reina (you\’re fabulous!) and then I see you have a bonus–Captainl0ver (Michael\’s) \”Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (daft punk) signed\”!!!! Very cool…. thanks, DKMPLS and Marc for posting that!

  14. kennidi says:

    AWW SAL-E we fucking love u! U ROCK TOO! School is in session and these bitches are going to get a major Stunning! Thanks so much to everyone here at FOF for watching our vids and commenting! It means a lot, for a site that was thrown up a lil over a week ago its getting rave responses and cheers for what we are doing!!! YEAH! We are letting people see that its ok to be a trans girl and live a pretty fun life! LET\’s GET EVERY BITCH OUT OF THE CLOSET!!! I\’ve always wanted to give back, because when I started this journey in my Teens so many big named girls helped me along my way. If it wasn\’t for the help and the guidance today, i wouldn\’t be Kennidi, i would be the confused boy living in Texas trying to find the next thing to do with my life. I feel like everyday Marc and Fausto give back to the community by having this site and podcast, they are inspirations to many many people no matter what sexuality or race u are! All I know is, that I have a blast being around them and everyone else for making me feel special and loved on here!!! YOU ALL FUCKING ROCK! Thanks for supporting my dreams and I hope in return u spread the love and show people that its ok to be just YOU!

    PS…yes there is totally a science into pageants, and Mercedes got it down faster than most girls! I think she\’s right its all about dedication and willing to take criticism and rejection well! I love Continental and so many close people to me are Formers! I feel honored to have Mercedes on that list and that she was willing to grace the Tranny Talk 101 Show!

  15. Hey I love when you guys stop in and see the show!!!!!!! Its always a blast. Then you guys force me to do sexual things with male strippers. It helps bring me out of my shell. I\’ve always been so shy and quiet, until I met you guys, thanks!!!

  16. You- SHY? I somehow find that hard to believe, but Reina, you are a QUEEN when it comes to pretty much anything. It\’s great to go out with you because ALL the boys love giving you attention.

  17. Michael says:

    WOW! hey guys. I found out that someone had posted my sign language video. I was very awed at this. Thanks alot for the nice comments, I really appreciate it. Btw, someone up there was having trouble with the embed code for the Rihanna video I signed. Here it is…. and if u guys can leave comments on the youtube site, I love comments!! *big cheesy smile*

  18. SAL-E says:

    Michael you are a hottie…………….I was not able to check out the video with sound at work but you were something to look at……………………..when I got home I turned the sound off and enjoyed you moving around…………next time you need to do it shirtless and with me in the room…………………..Trust me, This will get you all kinds of comments.
    You are one HOT MAN…… and in my head you are like Military too! I need to watch it again.
    Love ya

  19. SAL-E says:

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, Gor-Gee-OUS like all over the Place.
    Love ya

  20. Michael says:

    lol, oh boy. thanks SAL-E lol…

  21. Michael says:

    Reina and Kennidi, thanks for posting that video of the backstage. I had no idea they had pageants, etc. I wanna see a show now!!!!!

  22. kennidi says:

    Michael, its fun to be drag queens…. U get to be more glamorous! LOL! SAL-E I agree Michael is hot and needs to do one with shirt off!!! Michael all I can say is keep coming back to our site http://www.trannytalk101.com and see what other crazy things we get into and I am pretty sure if FOF pops in they will post it here! We love Fausto and Marc and they have a way of making us girls get a lil more crazier than we already are!

    Much Love,

  23. matt says:

    video no longer avaliable 🙁

  24. kennidi says:

    Matt, Try it now, I dont know what happend, but I fixed it!!!

  25. I’m an old pro at this:

  26. Goodness Marc…. and I thought I had Diva moments…you got me beat hands down!!! LOL

    ox, R-

  27. kennidi says:

    thats hysterical marc! Whos the polish cleaning lady? LOL!

  28. That was such a funny video. Kennidi, the two women in the video are Victoria Lamarr and her mother Bridgett.

  29. Vmarr’s mother had a broken arm at the time but we didn’t know it. That’s why she never got out of bed!

  30. kennidi says:

    Here’s SAL-E Doing her thing last Saturday night! Sorry its short!

  31. Pete says:

    SAL-E had a Cristal Connors moment. He was Goddess….Circuit was crazy fun Saturday. So many sexy guys and Junior Vasquez was amazing! I fell in love with one of the dancers (the runt of the four).

  32. Sal-E I hope you deskanked that headress before you wore it. I know where it’s been.

  33. SAL-E says:

    I took that old headdress and made it bigger added another set of fins, a bigger crown, painted it again and added more stones………..it was one of the ones that was not used…………Remember that I got to work on this project this was one of the first samples that I made that I got to keep. I told you that I hold on to EVERYTHING!
    I have another Big Production Big Secret party coming up in September???????
    Love ya

  34. SAL-E says:

    To see more pictures on the Nitro event Under the Sea go to my Flickr account under my Saturday Nights ………………you can also see the Mermaids Party on there to see what marc was talking about.
    Love ya ALL

  35. SAL-E says:

    MARC you did not tell me that you are KELLY!
    ALL you were missing were the glasses……………OH MY GOSH YOU ARE SO KELLY!
    Give me, Give Me MORE, SHOES!
    Love ya

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