CNN Article: The last person out of the closet? The bisexual male

Jun 30, 2010 · 1985 views

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CNN article about the bisexual male.


  1. Hi Bi says:

    As a bi, married guy, I agree with some of the comments questioning why this guy had to ‘come out.’ I wrestle with it myself. For the most part, I figure it no one’s business (besides my wife’s) who I like. I also wonder if/why any one would care. On the other hand, I do understand that if I wore a “Bi” pin on my shirt every day, it could make it easier on others wrestling with identity to see, “Hey, maybe I’m like him!?!” But is that my job? Do I have some moral obligation to do so? I don’t really think so.

    In the end (ha ha ha), only a select few know, a few more may suspect, but as I said, the vast majority likely don’t give a shit.

  2. Fabs says:

    I’ve seldom read such a precise portray of the way I’ve felt since my coming out as a bisexual man. It is true, that I feel trapped between two worlds, never arriving anywhere because I can’t be figuerred out entirely. I’m thankful, that I didn’t have to come out to my girlfriend, when we started our relationship, because funny enough she had been sort of my hag before that. But she had to struggle with the fear of me coming out as “entirely gay” or “wanting something besides women now and again” in the past. After our three year relationship this has subsided thankfully. But a lot of my friends were actually shocked when they first saw me kissing a girl after anticipating me to be gay, or not believing in my bisexuality before. Of one can say, that this is because they don’t know better (how should they?). But it underlines how difficult it can be for a bisexual individual to be respected, or seen as what he/she really is.
    Thanks Marc for the great article. I think of it as a special birthday present from you!

    Love you guys!


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