Pumping Party of One

Apr 3, 2012 · 1985 views

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A man spent six years pumping silicone into his penis and this is what he ended up with. View the NSFW video here.


  1. mododavid says:

    That guy’s fuckin’ stupid.

  2. cassiofm says:

    Wait, this is a late april’s fool right?

  3. That’s just so wrong!

  4. Wow… While I get the whole Body Mod thing, and his obvious enjoyment of what he has done, but the ‘adjustments’ that he has had to make are just so extreme… It makes me question adjustments that I have made in my life in chase of the perfect body…

  5. That’s sick. I love penis.

  6. marsian says:

    Is this part of a larger documentary? I need to see the rest. A few years ago I saw a documentary on guys who inject salene into their nut sack. The results looked very similar and basketball-like (except their penises looked normal). And then their balls would deflate over time. But this is permanent. Wow!

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