Cardinal George, You’ve Got to be Kidding

Jan 5, 2012 · 1985 views

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Nope.  You really are that much of a bigot. In comparing LGBT rights activists to the KKK — and then repeatedly refusing to apologize or even distance himself from this outrageous comment — Chicago’s Cardinal […]


  1. I don’t agree with Wayne. We need to stop thinking of our rights as a Public Relations battle, but more a battle for the right to protest. Protesting in the streets is always a good thing because it brings people face to face.

    Backfire? The fact that millions of people still support the Catholic church despite it’s horrific record in covering up for child raping priests just shows the power blind faith can have in allowing atrocities to continue.

    Not all priests are child rapists, and the Catholic church has done some pretty incredible things over the years. But the sad reality is this organization has spent millions of dollars to cover up a problem it doesn’t know how to solve.

    They are immobile, blind and cold. Every scandal is buried, every action unquestioned. Every individual feeling rendered meaningless. They lack warmth, sexuality and diversity.

    The Catholic church’s inability to adapt will be it’s undoing. But miracles do happen, and maybe they will change one day for the better.


    Please note that today’s protest is canceled. However, there will be a protest in front of Holy Name Cathedral on Sunday, Feb. 12 — see link below for more info.

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