Would You Buy a Device Just to Twitter?

Nov 3, 2009 · 1985 views

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The Peek email device has been out for some time now, it’s been up it’s been down, but now they’ve come out with a new version –  just for Twitter! For $199 you can purchase the […]


  1. Isn’t the whole point of using Twitter that you don’t need a computer or dedicated device? I’m using mostly my text messaging function on my iPhone Or tweetie the iPhone app.

  2. I agree with Fausto. You can text to twitter. And you can set up your twitter to get text responses. And most smart phones have a twitter app. For $199 you might as well get an ipod touch or a cell phone. It’s a waste of money in my oppinion.

  3. Blueboi says:

    Completely agree with the above comments. It’d be a total waste.

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