VIDEO: Hardcore Indian Pole Gymnastics

Aug 14, 2010 · 1985 views

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Combining traditional gymnastic moves and pole dancing, these Indian gymnasts put the girls at any stripper club to shame. If you think this sport is only for skinny guys, check out the muscle cub in […]


  1. Toppie Smellie says:

    I’m a fan…. I’M A FAN OF INDIAN POLE GYMNASTICS!!! OMG that second performer (I think his jock strap was showing)? I LIKE him a lot…

    You know, I’ve had some erotic dreams that go a long a lot like this video….

  2. I’d be willing to petition the olympic committee to add this as a sport!

  3. If this become one of the sport for olympic, it would take over the “gayest sport” lol. Just look at the way those man snaking around the pole makes me things of other things 🙂

  4. Stacy Passell/Ruby Destiny says:

    Well, look here mate. We’ve created a trend. One of so many to come in the big big world out there…

  5. knicks says:

    is this actually done to music? (obviously not to the bollywood background music in the vid)

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