A Bully Tells His Story: It Gets Worse

Oct 12, 2010 · 1985 views

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A bully talks about how hard it is to be a bully as you grow up. Funny stuff!


  1. FELIX S DE-JESUS says:

    Viendo el video, lo veo como un Loser que siente remordimiento y algo de arrepentimiento al atacar a chicos de nuestra comunidad… Tan hermoso y pues, asi es la ley del Karma a veces….

    Watching the video, I saw him as a loser who have remorse and regrets while attacking people of our gay community… Gorgeous guy, but a Bully, and that’s is the Karma Law sometimes… :/

  2. It’s satire sweetheart.

  3. Félix, ¡es una parodia! El muchacho sigue diciendo lo mal que le van las cosas, siempre aclarando que es inclusive menos de lo que dice (manager… assistant manager; girlfriend… ex-girlfriend). Me parece muy interesante y creativo usar esta estrategia para burlarse de los que abusan en contra de los gays.

    This video is a pretty funny parody of a “loser” bully for whom things are not going very well! Clever strategy!

  4. Andy says:

    I was waiting for a satire like this, people complaining how life got worse. Either a former bully complaining what a miserable life he has or a conservative Republican complaining how difficult it is to have gay sex and not getting caught nowadays.

  5. Chickengirl says:

    haha that was funny, you could tell it was satire without having to say it was….

    if only all bullies grew up to have miserable lives!! Yet sadly that doesn’t always happen, and they grow up into people with power and continue to be a bully…

  6. FELIX S DE-JESUS says:

    Was a Satire… but anyway… the guy is so gorgeous… 😛

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