VIDEO: FOX News on Chicago Area Hate Groups

Dec 22, 2010 · 1985 views

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Anti-Gay Chicago Groups Make ‘Hate List’: Chicago – The national organization that monitors hate groups in the United States is about to reveal its annual watch list of what it calls the country’s worst […]


  1. seawall says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever get over the tooth-grinding hypocrisy of Christian extremists accusing gays of recruiting. I never had a lesbian hand me a tract saying I’m bound for hell unless I go down on her right there. That might have been awesome, though.

  2. It all sounds so hypocrite. On one side they they we are all crazy, we will go to hell. blah blah. But in front of the media saying that they will be the same loving parents no matter what.
    To Seawall: The thing about the lesbian sound funny but then i think about it and it is actually scary lol

    • seawall says:

      Heh, I know, andy. I did once have to extract myself from the hands of another woman who was drunk and wouldn’t listen to “no”, but that was a notable exception; I dated another woman who spoke to me rather sweetly while I was painting everyone’s nails in the dormitory rec room. Women can definitely be scary, it’s all in the approach!

      As for strict religious parents, it’s really kind of sad for everyone involved, because they believe they are obeying a higher authority that will make their kids suffer worse in the afterlife if they don’t quash this behavior now that said authority finds deviant and undesirable. It’s like the Milgram experiment carried out over generations, and it’s really soul-crushing.

      • You think you can do my nails for me darlin’? Mine are not as nice as yours…

      • seawall says:

        I dunno, green’s not too “whorey” for you, is it?

      • It is even sadder to realize that from “oh i don’t want you to go to hell, we just want the best for you” to “get the hell out of my house” is a big jump.
        And the saddest part is when you look even closer and realize sometimes parents do that because of some problems they have with you even before they know you’re gay

      • seawall says:

        Yeah, some parents are well-meaning if misguided, and others are controlling assholes. I believe in compassion and forgiveness, but I can understand not forgiving someone who throws their kid out for being gay. In that case, forgive yourself for not being able to forgive them, and try not to actively resent, because that only hurts the resenter.

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