Dixie Lynn Cartwright – Meatloaf w/ Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Apr 22, 2015 · 1985 views

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Food’s ready! Grab a plate and watch as Dixie Lynn Cartwright slathers on the sauce on hosts Marc Felion & Fausto Fernós meatloaf.


  1. Just watched the first episode of Cooking. . .

    Stands and claps. Well worth the wait, gents.

    Like the fact that apparently animated Fausto and animated Marc apparently are commando beneath their aprons in the title sequence.

  2. real critique says:

    this is a real critique: great into graphic, i like the behind the stage and ‘confessional’ style interview. the cooking scenes : the second camera when not on food seems alkward along with the sizzling competing with conversation. the sharon and von miramar cooking scenes worked the best. omg appreciate this effort and achievment

  3. Looked great Fellas!! I think you picked a great Queen with Dixie Lynne Cartwright to be the first episode. It was a gentle, fun, yet slightly serious introduction to Cooking With Drag Queens. I am looking forward to the next, and the next, and the next…..

  4. Kay Nas says:

    That was really good! I just love Dixie so it was nice to get more of her! That meatloaf looked good!

  5. Than says:

    I’m not a fan of reality television, but I really like the format of Cooking with Drag Queens. I like the background on the guests sliced into the cooking show. I think the show would be better if those behind the scenes segments were more fleshed out so we could get to know the guests even better. You do need to include the measurements in the cooking show segments. The process should still be there even if it is broken up with background segments. I also think it would be better if it was the guests’ recipes, sharing them with you and the audience. I will agree with some criticism that you both, Marc and Fausto, came off a little stiff. The audio quality left a lot to be desired. I imagine the acoustics of your kitchen are not ideal. And, that pan was not TV ready; you need to get some new cookware.

    Great show. Love you guys.

    Oh, and Dixie is so fun. Kind of an afterthought, but I thought of her none-the-less. It’s the afterthought that counts.

  6. Rogerio says:

    It was great!

    I can’t wait to see the next one.

  7. I wanted to watch it twice before writing my honest review.

    Guys, this comes across as incredibly genuine in a way that Ru Paul’s does not. It’s incredible to see Dixie tell her story between the clips of making something that looks unexpectedly tasty from the viewer’s perspective (not everyone has has Marc’s incredible cooking).

    Also, you two look great! I especially like the montage at the beginning of the episode that not only captures how long you’re been working towards this goal but how fit you two have become.

    The hard work is paying off, Feast of Fun. Excited to see what’s getting cooked up next.

  8. GaryS says:

    Gentlemen, Bravi and Congratulations!! I just finished watching CWDQ #1 and its FABULOUS! What fun! And how delicious! For a Baby-Drag Dixie Lynn was pretty sassy funny. And Gurl, dont worry ’bout no nose contouring, you look just lovely without it! CWDQ was worth the wait and all the blood, sweat and mascara that you guys spilled to make it. Well done Gentlemen! And the answer to the most important question is, Yes, the two of you DID look cute on camera! And just I cant wait to swirl-up some of that yummy looking Ketchup, Sriracha+Balsamic glaze. luv ya!
    PS Please cancel my ‘Gift with Support’ if it hasnt gone out already. Invest that money back int SEASON #2 of CWDG

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