FOF #1269 – Archie Comics Gay Character Kevin Keller Is a Hit

Oct 12, 2010 · 233696 views

Dan Parent with Archie Comic's First Gay Character Kevin Keller

Archie Comics teen sensation Kevin Keller, the first gay character in the Archie-verse, is a hit with young and old fans alike.

Last April, Archie writer and artist Dan Parent broke the news to us at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo that the beloved comic series would introduce its first openly gay character in the pages of Veronica.

Kevin Keller is not only cute, but also likes to point the obvious things in the Archie-verse. Why doesn't Jughead just tell Ethel he's not interested?

The mysterious “hot new guy” of Riverdale issue was such a success that it quickly sold out and is now making history as the first ever Archie series to get a reprint.

This is refreshing news as the world focuses on the challenging circumstances of today’s queer youth and the recent public incidences of teen suicide.

Today Dan Parent joins us again to break even more exciting news about Kevin Keller: besides appearing in future installments of Veronica, he’s getting his own four part mini-series due out in summer 2011.

Back in the 1960s, Archie had to beat off three men.

Listen as we talk with Dan about how they developed the breakthrough gay character, Archie’s religious fundamentalist comics from the 1970s and the public reaction to an out gay boy living in the town of Riverdale.

Plus, why the characters look the way they do: Kevin Keller’s hotness, Archie’s hash marked hair, Jughead’s needle nose and why Betty and Veronica are, respectively, a blond and brunette.

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  1. Andy says:

    Hope I can buy one copy here too in the near future. :)

  2. Stuffed Animal says:

    Young Gay, Bi and Transpeople are not “queer”. Please smarten up and stop calling them that. It amounts to another form of bullying. You don’t have permission to call anybody “queer” unless they explicitly give it to you, and even then, it’s still a derogatory label.

    • Marc Felion says:

      I appreciate your thoughtfulness but the word queer is seldom seen by most people as a derogatory term. As an identity, Queer is widely used to describe those who fit into “all of the above” and “none of the above” when trying to describe the wide variety of sexual and gender identities.

      Many LGBT people have re-claimed the term as a means of self-empowerment. Do you have the same problem with the TV show Queer as Folk?

    • CharlesVer33 says:

      I think it’s you who Stuffed Animal who needs to smarten up. Do you think the tv show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is bad for young LGBT people simply because they use the word queer in the title? I’m confused by your argument.

      Why focus on the negative?

    • CharlesVer33 says:

      Archie just gave a gay character his OWN series! Celebrate!

    • seawall says:

      Yeah, what Marc and Charles said. I’m a bisexual woman, I call myself queer and most of my GLBTOMGWTF etc friends use the term freely too. It’s just easier than the neverending acronym forms, although QUILTBAG (Queer, Undecided/Up yours, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans, Bi, Asexual, Gay) is cute and may win over my mother-in-law.

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