FOF #1298 – Hard Candy Christmas

Dec 6, 2010 · 67111 views

At Hard Candy Fitness, you can wear red pumps to your aerobics class.

Step right up! Hard Candy Fitness is open for business. After some delay, Madonna’s new gym franchise opened their doors in Mexico City to women, gay men and cholos everywhere who want to “Get Into the Groove” during their workout.

Much like Lance Armstrong’s 24 Hour Fitness gyms which has hundreds of photos of the bicycle riding owner plastered everywhere, Madonna’s gym is taking a similar approach with stark images of the pop singer looking down on gym-goers at every turn.

Would you skip a workout if Madonna was watching at Hard Candy Fitness? Barely getting through your work out and Madonna staring you down.

Will the pop star, actress, mother, Kabbalah enthusiast, clothing designer, children’s book author and dance instructor succeed in her new enterprise or will this new career move simply get Swept Away?

Today Chicago diva powerhouse Amy Armstrong and her pianist extraordinaire Freddy Allen join us to weigh in on Madonna’s new venture and to play some of their favorite holiday classics. Plus, they give us a fresh Christmas twist to their signature piece “The Pussy Cat Song.”

Listen for this and all the hot news:

NASA scientists redefine life by conditioning bacteria to feed on arsenic.

More on Sarah Palin and her Mommie Dearest relationship with Bristol.

And the best and strangest Christmas presents we’ve ever received.

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  1. Jackie Jaeger says:

    Beautiful voice!

  2. Tony C says:

    Can you really warm a dildo in the microwave?

  3. Rogerio says:

    I loved her version of Hard Candy Christmas. It was so beautiful, so melodic that I had to learn this song so I can sing just like her.
    Loved again your ‘cast!

    You guys are the best.

    Merry Xmas for both of you!


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