FOF #1362 – Damiana Garcia Works the Red Carpet

Apr 14, 2011 · 72294 views

Damiana Garcia, one of my favorite drag queens on YouTube, never fails to make me laugh with her frenetic, nervous energy as she engages all sorts of celebrities on the red carpet.

Today we’re talking to video artist and comedian Michael Lucid, the man behind Damiana Garcia about his unusual interviewing style and dealing with all these crazy new celebrity drag queens that the RuPaul factory is churning out like a puppy mill on estrogen.

The horns really come out when someone's writing a check.

Plus, all the hot news-

Booze hounds rejoice! A new study suggests moderate consumption of alcohol may increase long-term memory.

Lady Gaga talks about plastic surgery saying her unusual cheekbones aren’t prosthetics, they are her bones and they come out when she’s inspired.

Rebecca Black beats everyone on Youtube.

lAshton and Demi launch an unusual Anti-Sex Trafficking Awareness Campaign.

Illinois rejects a blind anti-gay bill.

and Lindsay Lohan is mistaken for another celebrity at the airport.

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  1. Tony C says:

    Fausto couldn’t agree with you more about bars being too loud to converse in but you are so wrong about JCrew – I swear by Urban Fit pants.

  2. mododavid says:

    “short, hairy, and twinkist.” Fausto, are you callin Damiana a hobbit?!

  3. DAMIANA GARCIA!!!!! So talented!!!! I am tickled that she reminds you of Lola von Miramar!!!

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