FOF #2025 – Viva Vivacious

Aug 1, 2014 · 173268 views
Vivacious with her sidekick Ornacia. Photos: William Dick Photography.

Vivacious with her sidekick Ornacia. Photos: William Dick Photography.

One of the most memorable entrances on any reality TV show was on RuPaul’s Drag Race, when Vivacious entered the workroom sporting a second head made from a foam wig stand. After what seemed like forever, Vivacious unzipped her green jacket to reveal her own face, snapping a paper fan at the queens declaring “Mother has arrived!”

One of the original 90s club kids, Vivacious got her start way back in the day when RuPaul’s Supermodel hit the charts and she hasn’t stopped since.

Listen as we talk with Vivacious about why she was so flabbergasted being around RuPaul on Drag Race, the extended family of her wig head Ornacia and why she prefers to perform in the crowd instead of the stage.

Vivacious with her extended family: Sheneeda, Shawanna and Ornacia. Photos: LOGOTV & Vivacious.

Vivacious with her extended family: Sheneeda, Shawanna and Ornacia. Photos: LOGOTV & Vivacious.


Grace Jones’ hula hoop performance for the Queen of England.

The horrible conditions for LGBT folks in Jamaica.

And why the nightclub scene isn’t what it used to be.

Plus all your questions!

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  1. colaboy29 says:

    Is it time for RuPaul’s Drag Race to change the process and keep all the queens each episode and they earn some sort of points (perhaps the middle episode they eliminate the lowest scoring half)? Then we wouldn’t have this issue of a talented girl being let go the first or second episode. I know it must increase an episode’s cost but we’d get to see much more.

    • It wouldn’t increase the cost at all. The queens still get eliminated, they just don’t get sent home one by one (which is predictable and anti-climatic.)

      So the money they spend one week by having extra queens stay, they save the following week by sending several home.

      Imagine the drama that would unfold if the contestants had more of a say on who went home, or if the Jiggly Caliente of the season surprised everyone by being in the top three even though she scored low.

      I want to be surprised!

    • Curtis says:

      I think the problem with this is not budgetary but that the show is richer in later episodes when more screen time can be dedicated to fewer and fewer queens. If they had to try to cover 12-16 queens every episode there would be very little time to give any of them meaningful screen time. that would be just over 2 minutes total for each queen in a 40 minute episode (w/o commercials), and just over a minute per queen on Untucked.

      Part of what makes elimination reality competitions work is that the audience intimacy deepens for the surviving competitors as we get to know them and can dedicate more and more screen time to them as each week passes.

  2. I have my very str8 co-workers saying ‘Liza Minelli, lies!’

  3. Maxxy Rainbow says:

    I now will Identify as a 16/ 17 year old ginger instead of 15 year old blonde haha

  4. hajaXavier says:

    best drag race interview ever!!!

  5. Marc Felion says:

    I want a cake like this!

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