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FOF #641 – Powerhouse Diva

There is a presence is in the room today! The spirit of Janis Joplin is haunting us in a very good way since we’ve been joined by her modern day equivalent- the rockingly awesome Jen […]

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FOF #640 – Straight for Equality

We see social inequality everywhere. As much as it may upset us sometimes, there always is a certain amount of frustration, because we don’t know how to address the situation or even if it’s any […]

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Witch Megamix

Thousands of last-minute costume ideas in four fun-filled minutes! They missed one!: Tim Curry does that thing he does best while singing “Anything Can Happen on Halloween” from 1986’s “The Worst Witch,” when you click […]

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FOF #639 – Let’s Hear it For the Boy

Isn’t he cute? One of our lovely singer/dancer/actor friends Andy Shaw joins us today to talk about his successful run of the musical “Footloose.” He played the character of the hot wrestler who just wants […]

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SHOW #14 – Cake or Dare

Yum yum! Thai fashion model and anti-sex-slavery actvisit Drew Persons thinks the Feast of Fools is the best podcast in the whole wide world and isn’t afraid to express his love for the show. We […]

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FOF #638 – True Drew

Once is good, but twice is even nicer! Due to the overwhelming response from your comments and downloads, we’re bringing in our sexy friend Drew Persons from Thailand on the show for you to enjoy. […]

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FOF #637 – Thai Sex Slavery

Would you belive this handsome guy speaks fluent Thai? Today we’re talking to one of our long distance listeners in person, Drew Persons who lives in Thailand working as documentary filmmaker, fashion model and photographer. […]

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FOF #636 – Put the Rhythm in Me

On today’s show we’re talking to Devin DeSantis and Brian Crum two of the cast members of Altar Boyz, a musical revue that parodies Christian boy bands with catchy songs and delicious puns. The show […]

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DJ Bobo, “Vampires Are Alive”

This Gothish toe-tapper was Switzerland’s entry in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Can you believe it didn’t make it to the finals? But it still could go on to become this century’s “Monster Mash.” Also […]

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SHOW #13 – Ribbon and Spice

Sal-E can really work some wonders with a little ribbon and a hot glue gun. How does he manage to come up with all those fabulous outfits? Check out his fabulous performance from our Live […]

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