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I LOVE Sabrina Matthews! She is one of my favorite comedians, some friends got her to come perform at UCLA a while ago and I have... » More

On FOF #650 – Sound the Alarm

Great interview guys, lots of fun and insight, bring Mike Rogers back! » More

On FOF #605 – The Blogger vs. Larry Craig

Dude, I think what Buck Angel is doing is awesome! If I was more comfortable with myself I’d love to do porn. He totally is a... » More

On FOF #601 – Buck Like an Angel

Happy Birthday Sal! Sounds like a great party. On another note, please please please! stop refering to Buck Angel as she. I know it’s really offensive... » More

On FOF #588 – Lights of Aurora

So now I’m going to break into the trans discussion. Yes I agree you do need to work on yourself, but you usually know yourself well... » More

On FOF #550 – In and Out