FOF #650 – Sound the Alarm

Nov 14, 2007 · 1985 views

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There’s a new drug in town and it’s stinky, stinky, stinky! If you thought candy flavored crack was far out, the police in Florida are warning parents and schools across the country of a new […]


  1. Barbara says:

    Sabrina is adorable. If she was 20 years older, I’d ask her out.

  2. The show was really great I like a lot the crazy stories about asia you have on the show .

  3. Calok says:

    You dont need to huff other people’s farts just eat a can of beens and let one rip, especially wall your on the phone with some one so u can see if they herd it wall your talking to them on the phone XD. And speeking of gyms I used to work in one I would like to tell you guys the “interesting” story’s of working in a gym. And i Love you Sabrina your funny if you have a CD with your jokes on it I want it.

  4. Talk about being caught red handed!! That little fairy boy!!! HMMMMMM!! Never commit anything to print until you know you are safe to do it!! LOL 😉 Now what is up with that crappy new drug?? Talk about bringing new meaning to “hey you got any good shit!!”. LOL Love your crazy stories, where do you find them?? See you guys soon!

  5. groggy says:

    Hey, where was the breakdown 2007??

    There is a funny episode of South Park, where Stan’s father moves to San Francisco, which is so progressive and environment-friendly that the citizens smell all their farts in not to polute the environment. And to get high.

  6. Wesley says:

    Feast of Fools, the podcast that’s handi-sexual!

  7. I remember back in the day when I snorted smarties..I never huffed human nastyness. mmm smarties. And mmm lesbians.

  8. Groggy- the “Breakdown 2007” was done with Sabrina on the first appearance:

    I wonder if the winner of the Feast of Fools Goodie Box Giveaway contest will turn up? 🙂

  9. Kris says:

    I think it would be much more sanitary to just pull the covers over your head and let a few rip…

    great show! Sabrina is hillariously charming

  10. I Won!!! I’m a winner! *dances around room* Happy Day! ahahaha!!!

    Thank you Fausto and Marc! And Sabrina for picking number 17!!!

    You boys have made my day! I never win anything.

    Thanks again!

  11. That green fairy..mmmmm, mmmm!

  12. I always thought that Jinkem was a hoax. No wonder that Faux News would pick up on it…

    That’s not just any green fairy outfit.. That’s a Tinkerbell costume straight from the Disney store! You go Boy!

    Did I mention? I Won!!!!

  13. groggy says:

    Thanks Fausto! I keep listening to all the previous shows, but I haven’t reached that number yet. I guess I’ll have to make a jump.

    By the way, that was just bad, checking if the concerned listener listens to the show 😉

  14. Cliff Dix says:

    Sabrina rules! I love her. Come down to Atlanta sometime.
    You guys talked about lesbian performance artist. Well, a few years ago Glen and I went to see a lesbian performance artist who at one point turned all the lights off and shined a bright flashlight on different people in the audience asking them, “What are you?” One guy said, “Bored.”

  15. Maia says:

    Thanks for having Sabrina back on! I can’t believe she is keeping us in suspense with the bridesmaid story… I perked up when Fausto asked her to continue her bit from the live show. (Which was great — the “why-I-don’t-wear-pantyhose” remark had me laughing for days.) But no.

    To be continued… Argh!

  16. Tyto Alba says:

    I like Sabrina on the show! Every time I see her or hear her mentioned on television I get excited.

  17. Maia, I dont think Sabrina HAD an ending to her story. It was more talking about the awkward moments in being a butch bridesmaid.

  18. You know what’s funny? We got a lot of emails telling us that Jenkum is a hoax, but no one has commented that it is a hoax. Do you think that people don’t want to publicly state that they’ve investigated whether than can get high from the stuff or not?

  19. Maia says:

    I could listen to Sabrina talk about being force-feminized for hours… she cracks me up!

    And she’s right about the pantyhose.

  20. Hammy05 says:

    OMG I missed Sabrina’s first appearence on the show by ONE (1) day. According to Fausto, she was first on back on show #502. I started listening to the show on #503 (Amanda’s “good bye” show). I love that I can go through the archives and listen to past shows. I’m going to listen to Sabrina’s 1st show as soon as I submit my comment. She is sooo hilarious. Can’t wait ’til she’s in California so I can go see her!

  21. I Googled for Jenkem now that I had a name for it,
    and found it referenced on Urban Legends website as false.
    I think Randy might be jealous of Kevin’s outfit.

  22. Curtis says:

    this episode is not up on itunes! – at least not loading or showing on the my podcast lists……

  23. Well Marc; Although I have not always been the Pollyanna that I am today, I am making an educated guess that Jenkum is a hoax. I know there was something about inhaling methane from fresh cow chips a while back. Perhaps there is a chemical reaction from fermenting feces in urine but, my main question would be how you get the feces in the little opening of a two liter bottle? Now, I know people used to do “whipits” where they would spray canned nitrogen (or was it hydrogen, no that was the Hindenburg) into a balloon and inhale it. From what I understand it’s a buzz similar to that of a really heavy popper rush. Ether… there was something about ether a while back too. But, Jenkum seems like way too much of a hassle to deal with.

  24. Okay.. reading the sites mentioned by Merlinhoot, apparently Jenkem is documented and true… Wow. People getting high on feces… I have lived too long.

  25. pups says:

    I bet Hekilna’s been using Jenkem for years… and not even knowing it. with all the guys that have probaby farted in her face. woo! i’m just amused by anything that has to do with farts because i still haven’t.. uh, you know, matured at all.

  26. The drunk fairy is a total hottie! I loved the interview with Sabrina. She’s always so hilarious and witty. I love how seriously she considered the ‘strength of lesbian tongues’ question. I actually told my lesbian friend about that, and she not only agreed, but thought it was hilarious.

  27. I truly love Sabrina Matthews – she was really great on Last Comic Standing and she gave me a great interview for my show as well – the show will be posted soon!

  28. Ross says:

    Thanks for bringing us another interesting & funny interview. I do not think I would have heard about Sabrina Matthews without you guys.

    Oh, & It took just a minute, but I can see Fausto reading the “Anarchist’s Cookbook.” What other tips do you have to destroy the man?

  29. Curtis, and everybody else who ever has download problems through iTunes-Try unsubscribing without deleting any files and then resubscribing to the show.

    *******This solves almost all download problems on iTunes***********

  30. Tanjalin says:

    Sabrina was incredible! I absolutely adored her wit. You guys have been having some fantastic guests lately! Keep up the great work. I worship you both, as usual, from my cubicle in Iowa.

  31. BrettC says:

    I’m going to see Sabrina perform here in Houston this weekend! She’s very funny, and I’ve been a fan for quite a while. Glad you guys got her on the show again. I’m going to bring some Jenkum just to make sure everyone has a good time.

  32. Curtis says:

    Marc, when you go to the Feast of Fools page on itunes it does not show Shows # 650 and 651 as being available.

  33. Curtis says:

    Did you know you have two completely different pages on itunes (do a power search for Feast of Fools and you’ll see two options) one of them has #650 posted but still no #651, the other has only up to show #649 posted (which must be the one I’m subscribed to)

  34. Curtis says:

    The second page which has #650 posted has no reviews and a totally different list of “Listeners also subscribed to”

  35. Curtis says:

    I just downloaded t#650 from the second itunes listing for Feast of Fools and it is loading as a completely different Feast of Fools in my podcast list – not in my previous FOF list.

  36. The “double listing” on the iTunes music store comes from our having exsisted way before the iTunes music store supported podcasts. They themselves added our feed inside there TWICE and there is no way to fix it from our end, unless we yank down the whole feed. Even then if we put the same feed back up, it still might not solve the problem since the error is on their end.

    Despite the fact that a portion of our audience is cut off from being counted in the ratings, we still rank on top!

    In terms of certain episodes not appearing on the subscription list, I’m sure it’s just a bug in the system. Try going to the comedy page and subscribing from the “Featured Comedy” podcast listing of our show, and see if that works. I apologize for the inconvenience!

  37. Ventura79 says:

    I love Sabrina, she is HIGH larious……….hey guys what do u guys say i get us some JENKUM, i come over to Chi Town and we do a show on the effects of JENKUM! HA!!!!!

    Great show, i laughed from begining to end!

  38. I LOVE Sabrina Matthews! She is one of my favorite comedians, some friends got her to come perform at UCLA a while ago and I have a CD of hers. Please please please bring her back more often!

  39. I love and adore Sabrina Matthews. She is absolutely hillarious, please have her on again.

    Re: Jenkem, The smell of feces is due to the presence of skatole and indole, whose bicyclic structure is highly amenable to substitution and is the basis of a number of classic hallucinogens such as psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT – so some organic reaction is not entirely implausible. Nevetheless, the story does fall into the class of those not critically analysed because it arises in circumstances where few would want to investigate.

    and according to the smoking gun:

    We’ve tried to speak with the bulletin’s author, Lieutenant Al Ganich, but he has not returned TSG calls. Perhaps he’s realized that his “CONFIDENTIAL” September 26 report–which is authentic, according to a sheriff’s official–may be itself full of shit. Ganich’s alert reminds us of a New York Fire Department memo from a chief who also apparently never heard of . (1 page)

    here’s the memo that was circulating:

    MARCH 13–Somebody needs to tell the New York City Fire Department about, the Internet’s leading urban legend site. Because an FDNY chief last week circulated the below internal memo warning of the “huge purchase” of United Parcel Service uniforms on eBay–perhaps by terrorists planning to pose as delivery men who could “drop off anything to anyone with dangerous consequences.” Chief Lawrence Connors told TSG that he issued the memo to FDNY personnel after receiving intelligence information from the U.S. Army’s Regional Support Command. Connors added that he was told the Army alert was triggered by information from a “credible source.” Perhaps that military source needs to be reevaluated, since the uniform story is a hoax, according to spokesmen for both UPS and eBay. (1 page)

  40. Haa!! “The least I could do for Superman, is blowjob..” Fausto and the handisexual handicapables had me laughing on the train and people either smiled or just looked at me like I was nuts..
    And when I laughed even harder to “playing quadruplegic boy, ‘I’m just gonna lay here’.. ” they just concluded I was schizo and they started creeping away… awkward, but so worth it. One of my favorite shows, Sabrina is great and I really hope you have her on more often as a guest!

  41. Yves says:

    Pace University??! That’s where I went to school!! I have to go, I wanna here the end of the wedding story!

  42. StevieB says:

    Shouldn’t everyone prance around like a drunken fairy at least once?

  43. Curtis says:

    I found it interesting that you categorize the separation of Gays and Lesbians within our social spheres in large citites as “hate”. I see it differently. In SF there is very little mixing of Gays and Lesbians in nightlife or bars. THough I participate in very few social organizations I suspect the same is true of most of them too. My casual non scientific observation is that Gay men and Lesbians mix most in policitical organizations such as the democratic clubs (there are a couple here) and the various local branches of national organiztions, business and workplace organizations like employee resource groups, and in medical/social services organizations.

    While there are certainly elements of misogyny and misanthropy (it goes both ways) at work in the community I think at the end of the day it comes down far more to the fact that we just socially interact in different ways and when a city has enough choices that people can socially interact with the people who like the same thing, people separate. Guys looking for dick don’t need or want women around, and women who are looking for someone to listen to folk music with and raise a cat don’t want men around. Particularly when sex is involved mixed crowds are decidedly less sexy.

    In a smaller town where fewer venues force us to mix we all manage to have fun together out of necessity. But those places are also less likely to have things like back rooms, strippers, etc.. As much as I enjoy my female friends I find that there is just a different chemistry in the air in a single sex environment that for my money is more fun, than at mixed clubs. It’s not about hating women or lesbians.

    Many lesbians conversely don’t want male energy at their social activities. In fact you are far more likely to find exclusively female only activities such as women’s music festivals than you are to find exclusively male environments, Even IML is mixed.

  44. Curtis says:

    $120 an hour is pretty cheap for a hustler. You can’t exactly demand Pavel Nevotny at those rates. More likely some busted ol’ whore who can’t get full coin anymore.

  45. Glen says:

    Regarding the Kevin Colvin thing, What’s with the crazy over-penalization these days, huh?

    For one thing, the company shouldn’t be looking at his facebook page – that seems like inappropriate and unprofessional prying into your personal life (I know the information is out there and it’s public – but IMO the act of looking for it is kind of invasive and stalker-y)

    For another thing, why are people so willing to fire employees over minor things like this? Yes, he lied, and that’s worth a stern reprimand, but what you do on your approved time off is really not the company’s business. What if something awful really did happen in his family and it was bumming him out so badly that he needed to just go out and get drunk in order to feel better?

  46. Curtis, I love what you have to say about gay and lesbian bars. Small town bars where the crowd is very mixed out of necessity are often very fun to hang out at, but they are indeed difficult to get your freak on. How much would Pavel cost anyway?

  47. I don’t think the “Jenkem” thing is real. I think it started out as some sort of online joke that the “fuzz” has taken way out of hand.

    Also, can anyone find this Kevin guy on Facebook? I looked, he doesn’t appear to show up. Serves the fool right though… it’s called “privacy settings” and they’re not difficult to use.

  48. Re the Jenkem. If it does exist am I the only person to wonder how they get their stools through that narrow opening of the plastic bottle?!

  49. michael says:

    I bet some kids somewhere have purposefully inhaled the fumes of fermented feces but it’s hard to believe that it’s common just because of how strange and gross it is.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that police will say that something is an imminent epidemic with almost no evidence to back it up.

  50. I really enjoyed listening to your phone interview with with Sabrina.

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