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The Fiercest Gay Podcast in the Universe

The good people at Camp Magazine based out of Kansas City wrote this fabulous article on your favorite podcast (and fiercest), the Feast of Fools. Did you hear that? We are FIERCE. From the article: […]

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Feast of Fools wins a Gay Bloggie Award for “BEST PODCAST!”

Our People’s Choice Podcast Award is getting jealous. Why? Because we won a Gay Bloggie Award for “Best Podcast!” We didn’t think we would win, yet here we are with big pink hearts fluttering around […]

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Cocktail: Tainted Creampuff

I just simply love that one of our cute Canadian listeners Adam sent in this delicious vanilla-explosive cocktail recipie. It’s really great, and seems very fitting with the recent news that Neil Patrick Harris (well […]

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FOF #421 – Big Ladies, Small Dresses

Good things do come in small packages. Even better, we like it when big things come in small packages. We love to see attractive people squeezing into tight fitting RED Feast of Fools t-shirts! Today […]

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Cocktail: Caramel Apple Martini

We loved the nut covered caramel apples that our friend Jeff brought over the the other day so much. The only problem was that we so so thirsty after eating them. We decided to stick […]

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FOF #416 – Simply Sara Feigenholtz

People, the November 7th election is just around the corner and it looks like it’s going to be a great big shakedown. One of the most fabulous and gay friendly politicians in Chicago, my personal […]

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FOF #413 – Getting into Boy Trouble

Robert Kirby simply wanted to see the romantic stories of young gay men reflected in the publishing world and to reach out to other cartoonists like himself. He started drawing his comic titled “Curbside” and […]

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FOF #409 – The Legacy of Iris Chacón

Way before J-Lo, before Chita Rivera and Rita Moreno worked Broadway, before Selena, there was Iris Chacón, a latin diva who shook her booty on the stage and small screen of Puerto Rico. Her incredible […]

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FOF #403 – Gordon West Goes West

Bon voyage baby! Our good friend, writer and actor Gordon West is moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of being another disgruntled Starbucks employee in Beverly Hills. Just kidding Gordon! Here at the […]

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People’s Choice Podcast Award: Best GLBT Podcast

Did you see? We’re in the front page of! The article reads- “they shocked the predominantly straight audience by accepting their award for ‘Best GLBT Podcast’ with a big gay kiss.”

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