FOF #589 – Professional Courtesy

Aug 13, 2007 · 1985 views

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Justin Timberlake may be bringing sexy back, but he’s bringing it back to the wrong species. Scientists in Germany have been conducting studies with sharks in captivity trying to figure out if music would help […]


  1. RcktMan says:

    Fausto, I had such a great time with you, Gary, Justin and the rest of the wonderful Feast of Fools fans on Saturday. I wish I’d seen you all on Sunday, but after 12+ hours of Market Days insanity, I needed a BREAK! But DAMN there were some hot men out this weekend. WOW. I was so overstimulated when I got home. One more minute and I would have exploded. Or something. 🙂

    Anyway, I want to share with everyone a little video I shot of that random spectator a/k/a homeless person who jumped up on stage to lipsynch “Proud” while we were waiting for Sal-E to start. Click here to check it out!

  2. Great show guys… and I have seen that guy before in boystown.. actually remember him from market days a few years back at the hydrate stage as a matter of fact.. maybe that is his thing taking over the hydrate stage

  3. mandarin says:

    wow, Miss Ronnie is looking great! she’s really been working hard to get into shape and it’s worked

  4. patrick says:

    damn! miss ronnie is SKIN-NY!!!

  5. RcktMan says:

    I’ll have a brief clip of Sal-E’s performance up later today. The sound isn’t great, but you can see just how fierce he is when he does his thing.

  6. Market Days looks like a lot of fun. I’d love to play me some underwear-twister with those boys!

  7. SAL-E says:

    Thank you all for coming out and checking me out……….
    They were keeping me down in the dressing room as they stalled to start the show Because someone was running late and did not want to start with out her……………After an hour I was like: LOOK, I am FUCKEN HOT, I AM MELTING, SO START THIS SHIT NOW OR I AM GOING HOME! So the First Queen comes back melted beyond repair. I knew I was in Trouble…….(me and the Sun are not Freinds)……..but then I saw some familiar faces and I was like: SHOW TIME……………….and I kept thinking: “Please do not Fall……………..and if you do, just finish it with a break dance pose”

  8. That falsetto song at the beginning of the show sucked. That ain’t no Sylvester!

  9. Now the guy in the blue shirt in the Halsted Street video lip-synching. That was awesome!

  10. It may not be Sylvester, but at least we can play it on our show.

  11. Mandarin, is the “blue shirt” guy taking over Market Days a tradition? I always love seeing Sal-E strut his stuff… you know the amazing thing? Sal-E is SO talented. The man can SING too!

  12. mandarin says:

    *confused* =) sorry Fausto I need some subtitles or something =) =) =)

  13. Curtis says:

    Wolfsburg03 you are definitely welcome to play twister with us any time you want!

  14. RcktMan says:

    Here’s the link to the video of Sal-E’s performance. I just caught the last 40 seconds… but you can see that he is quite fierce, in every sense of the word!

  15. PupDon says:

    I love this show. You guys had me in stitches! And thank you for the discussion on Buck Angel. I cringe when I hear someone refer to him as “her”, the same as when people would refer to an MtoF friend as “he”. I’m sure all your transgendered listeners appreciate this as well. I’d love to hear Buck on your show.

  16. bowdownza says:

    I am from staten Island! As a matter of fact I am going home this weekend. Where is that guy from? You almost never hear people admit they are from staten island. I was so excited. Where did he go during the show? He just kinda disappeared after ten minutes.

  17. soooooooo jealous i wasnt in Chicago to see you guys 🙁

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