FOF #632 – Candy Corn

Oct 18, 2007 · 1985 views

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Ah candy corn. This delicious but deadly candy confection connotes images of the fall in the United States, of childhood and our beloved neo-pagan holiday, Halloween. Thanks to a growing acceptance of weird things in […]


  1. Avatar Maia says:


    (æ, œ, fi, fl, etc.)

  2. mmmmm……ligatures…aahhhh

  3. Avatar Maia says:

    they taste even better when written in frosting…

  4. Avatar Ventura79 says:

    Marc your childhood stories are the cutest! My best Halloween memory from my childhood is when I was dressed as a Thundercat and my lil brother was a Mummy, and he fell on top of a cactus, and he was crying and whailing, and he was sO scary there was kids that actually ran away from him! I thought i was the shit cuz i was a freaking Thundercat and my brother with his bloody bandages and horrible crying took away all the attention!

    Great show!

  5. Avatar Tony says:

    Fausto, I totally agree with you about making pumpkin pie from pumpkins! I make them every year from fresh sugar pumpkins, and they are so much better!

    Idea costume for Amanda – Barney, but mutilated in some creative blood thirsty fashion. Just a thought.

    I wonder if Heklinka hot more tasty cream from that Sid character? Too much!

  6. Avatar PupDon says:

    OMG, my mom always used to make this God-awful Tuna Noodle Casserole with peas in it and these yucky crushed up dried onions that were supposed to be crunchy but never were. My sister and I to this day joke about how awful this thing was. That Tuna Surprise story reminded me of that. Ah memories.

  7. Avatar PupDon says:

    I had a friend who threw his own funeral. He said he didn’t want to miss it. The invites were in the form of an obituary that said he was cleaning his chainsaw when it went off. On his porch there was a chalk outline of the body with the top half being at the top of the stoop and the bottom half being halfway down the stairs. There were candles everywhere and he was in a wooden coffin that he built himself and used as a coffee table. Then we carried him outside where he had a gravestone planted in the middle of his front yard. The funny thing is that we all stood around him pretending to cry when the trolley went past. You should have seen the looks on the faces of the people, seeing this funeral (complete with body) going on in the middle of this neighborhood. It was priceless.

  8. Avatar Maia says:

    That reminds me. I had a social studies teacher in 7th grade who had us plan our own funerals (music selection, hors d’œuvres — hey, there goes a ligature! –, venue, etc.). Creepy.

    Gotta love those free-thinking educators who stray from the school board curriculum.

  9. Tony, try adding some silken tofu to your pumpkin pie. It will increase the protein and lower your blood sugar rush, and it’s very tasty! We’ll try to make it on a video podcast soon.

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