FOF #667 – Fukudome on First

Dec 13, 2007 · 1985 views

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ATTENTION! Bonus Podcast with Marsain De Lellis available at the Gay Fukudome is a Japanese baseball player’s last name, it is not a two part command, which I learned much to my disappointment. On […]


  1. DCRyan says:

    WOAH, Marsian, you are pulling out the big guns now, that’s like a monstrous podcasting pimp smack. I can’t wait.

  2. Now, I’ve been on a mumification table but, never in a coffin… hmmm.
    Oh.. about skulls, the Buddah use skulls and death in many of their higher practices. Everything is sacred.

    Fruit Flys are bi? That’s like a whole helluva lot of jokes wrapped up into one.

  3. Stinky Pete is becoming a character on the show that keeps reappearing. The picture of a hot stinky ukrainian perched on the toilet like a dog shitting is seared in my mind now… maybe he needed extra leverage or something… constipated? Thx for the show

  4. J.S. says:

    This morning’s show, as always, is great! Thanks for the free download and for mentioning the Kindle. I love my Kindle and so far I’ve had no problems. Bi-sexual Fruit-flys, wow, now those are hot jeans..oh, I mean genes. Squatting at the gym? Really, now that’s entertaining, maybe he was practicing for his brown hanky nights at the club? I found an excellent Hanky code list here:
    I’ve got to get back to work, have a great day, and as soon as the next round of GayBloggies is up, I’ll vote! Go Fausto Go!

  5. Mikey Dee says:

    I can’t find the bonus podcast on gay bloggies….has it been posted yet? where do i go after i get on gay bloggies.! this is killing me!

  6. It’ll probably be up later today. Bryanboy got the boot and now it is down to three!

  7. Zara says:

    Really??!!! Wow, that’s a surprise, i thought he had a pretty solid fanbase. Ah well, congrats Fausto, you can win this! 馃榾 x

  8. J.S. says:

    Thank god he got the boot, and GO FAUSTO! W00t w00t!

  9. I MADE IT TO THE TOP THREE!!!!!! Thanks to you guys. Please vote when the new entry goes up later this afternoon.

    Love you guys! Thank you so much for voting and commenting me in this far.

  10. Ben says:

    Great show like usual.
    im already an audible gold member so I dont get a free book : ( oh well…
    to the people who do get the free book pick something unabridged so you dont miss anything from the written version

  11. Maurice says:

    VOTE at gaybloggies!!!!

    Great show again guys….oh and i just bought a track threw itunes, and yeah via your page…
    someone you really should think about interviewing if you get the chance, brooklyn singer Scot Matthew, part of the fabolous movie “SHORTBUS” just saw him live yesterday….

    Maurice from Berlin.

  12. Kaleb says:


    that song at the end was kinda harsh.

  13. What was the name of that movie in the late 70’s early 80’s about the kids from vietnam over here? It had that kid running around saying “mercedes number one.” I think they depicted the kids squatting over the comode instead of sitting on it. I was really young, like 8, when I saw it so it kind of blurs in my mind now. It had that guy from thirtysomehting in it. The curly haired red headed guy. Oh well… got a block..

  14. Joe P says:

    w00t! w00t! I loved the news about Fukudome. I speak Japanese fluently, and Fausto you speak his name perfectly! And when you add that fake Japanese accent me get so horny! If Mark ever gets him on the show please let me translate for him!

    I lived in Japan, too, and I tell you I hate traditional Japanese toilets. There was only one time I had to use a Japanese toilet when I was staying at a traditional Japanese inn. I was so freaked out by squating over the hole and dropping poopoo on my undergarments I had to take my pants and underwear off before I could do it. I was even scared of the Japanese electronic “bidets,” too. I was always afraid of pushing the wrong button and something happening to my bum that I didn’t want to happen. Let me tell you, though, the heated toilet seats were to die for in the winter!

    So happy you made it the the next round in the Gay Bloggies!

  15. That was a hilarious story from Marc about the gym! Classic.

    And congratulations on getting a mainstream advertiser. It’s such a welcome change from Steamworks. Not that they’re bad, but it’s nice to see some new blood. Good going.

  16. Roke says:

    Ok guys, all that talk about some hot muscle jock named She-Hulk got me so curious. Any chance you can get that hunk’s pic on the podcast. Or better yet, he sounds like a good guest for one of your next shows. Maybe he can give some advice on weight training so we all can chant, Fuck-U-Do-Me! Anyways, always a treat to hear about your antics out and about in Chicago. That’s my favorite big city. And please try to get a live podcast at steam works. Love ya.

  17. Katers says:

    I’ve been thinking about relocating to Chicago after I finish college – or perhaps transferring to somewhere in Chicago for school! I think I’d really enjoy it. Thanks for giving me more things to look forward to! 馃檪

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