FOF #681 – Project Christian

Jan 10, 2008 · 1985 views

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Snip snip! The gayest television show on right now isn’t Ugly Betty, it’s Project Runway on Bravo! The Emmy nominated reality series showcases 12 or more fashion designers compete with each other to create the […]


  1. Michael D says:

    omg omg omg yes yes YES! omg.

    listening…. NOW!

  2. RcktMan says:

    When this season started, I thought Christian was just going to be this smart-ass little twink who thought he knew everything but didn’t. But DAMN he has really proven himself and continues to do it time and time again. I went from not really sure if I’d like him to totally pulling for him all the way. He’s incredibly talented, bold, brash, a little untamed, and a pleasure to watch every week.

    You guys are SO good at doing interviews like this. Every one is different, but you handle each person so deftly it is amazing. Congratulations on another winner, Fausto and Marc!!!!!

    This was a great interview. I felt like we really got to know Christian better, and he really is a sweet guy. Sure he knows he’s good– he SHOULD know he’s good– but he has the chops to back everything up. The training abroad, the impressive resume, and the wonderful things he’s doing on the show, all prove this over and over again. And he’s only 21!

    I LOVED this week’s Project Runway episode because we really got to see a side of Christian we hadn’t seen before. He’s amazingly talented, but he is still young and still learning. One of my favorite scenes was when Tim Gunn grilled him after he had the disastrous meeting with Matty. Christian kept saying “I’m done; Someone’s got to be eliminated and it might as well be me; I can’t do anything more with this..” and Tim told him to snap out of it, shape up and fix it. He also told him he is too talented to feel sorry for himself and pout. And lo and behold, the next day, he got back in there and worked it. Sure, he ended up in the bottom two, but he survived because they believe in his talent. The kid’s going places, and fast… I predict he’ll be in the top 3 for sure. He just has to be!

    Can you tell I love Project Runway!? 🙂

  3. Michael D says:

    Oh I just loved this interview. Thanks so much guys for interviewing creative people. I really like it when people talk about the creative process and (ah!) it’s so great to hear about an experience like going on PR.

    Fun interview! Cheers guys!

  4. Andrew J says:

    Awesome, guys! You always pull through for us! And thanks to Christian for agreeing so quickly to come on the show! It was a delight to hear this interview.

  5. Kaleb says:

    Christian is hot! He’s all nerdy looking which I absolutely adore!

    Great show today guys. I like how you added the question about toast in the breakdown. The new breakdown is great Fausto, I like the song too, it sounds well planned out … awesome work!

  6. Great Show. Here in Taiwan Project Runway won’t air until June or July so this is a nice way to be introduced to Christian for the first time. If anyone knows how I can watch this show with video on demand outside the U.S. or get hold of the episodes, please let me know. Six months is a long wait for this Tim Gunn fan.

  7. Andrew J says:

    water-based … Bravo posts entire episodes on their website. I think they try to only put up one at a time, usually the most recent one. Try this link:
    If that doesn’t work, just go to and browse until you find the right link to watch full episodes. Hopefully it works outside the U.S.

  8. kennidi says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christian! He is by far my favorite on this season, as was Jeffery last season! I also love the outspoken ones who come across as bitches and arrogant people, cuz I know in reality they probably are not! I totally get them cuz so many people think that of me. So, having him on the show today was the highlight of my ride to work! CTA sucks so u need a good laugh and enjoyment to your destination!

    Being a pageant girl, and loving gowns, and being very artistic I love Christian’s aesthetic on things! But i hated the brown dress, even though it would be nice on a kid, Id never wear it, but I felt it wasn’t his fault. He did try! I was so glad he wasn’t booted! I have been a fan of Project Runway since it first aired and no one knew about it! I would die to have him design a new gown for my upcoming pageant!

    As for his comments on lots of things, I related to and laughed…I even laughed when he called things a Tranny Mess! Even though some trannies like myself have great taste in fashion! He’s still my favorite, and to know that Britney Spears new album is his favorite right now! Cuz, even though shes a hott mess that album is great! HOT HOT HOT! I loved the show guys and keep it coming cuz it makes my day! LOve it!

  9. DCRyan says:

    I have to echo the earlier sentiments, I loved this show and I love Christian. People can hate him, love him, whatever but I’ll say for me he is the only reason I watch this season; otherwise it’s filled with really bland personalities. I mean where’s the santino, where the jay? Great interview, made me laugh the whole walk home.

    Oh and speaking of his design recommendation, I go into a store right after finishing the podcast and lo and behold there is a Diesel shirt with black letters on white T, large graphic print repeating the word Diesel across the shirt in large letters at the top slowly moving to smaller leters on the bottom. Could be really cool to see a shirt with FOF [Logo] FOF or something like that. I don’t know I’m not a designer but was just fun to see Christian’s idea in print right after I heard it on the podcast.

  10. Yves says:

    I have been waiting all week for this show, and once again I have not been disapointed! He is a really fun kid, and he makes this rather dull season of PR much more enjoyable!! It seems also pretty obvious he is part of the top 3 as he said he recently received a visit from Tim Gunn – as every season the last 3 contestant get a visit from Tim a month before fasion show to see how they are doing with their collection to be presented at Bryant Park.
    Can’t wait for next week’s where apparently Christian surpassed himself. Any guesses what the challenge is?
    I say wedding dress!!

  11. BrettC says:

    I too am a big fan of PROJECT RUNWAY. Even my cell phone ring is Heidi Klum saying “Are you in or out?” and “Make it work!”.
    The interview with Christian was “FEROSH”. He came off so sweet in comparison to his reality TV persona, and I’m such a big admirer of his work on the show. I’d wear his clothes anytime because who doesn’t like a nice shoulder and a crazy sleeve? Congrats on the interview, and work it out! Post links to it everywhere like TELEVISION WITHOUT PITY and the IMDB – anywhere RUNWAY fans gather and discuss the show.

  12. corey says:

    This interview was a great coup for you guys! I hope this is a sign of things to come in 2008!

    Christian was, as usual, hilarious!

  13. Thanks for the suggestion, Andrew. I checked out the sight. You’re right about them only showing the current episode. I wish I had known that when it started. I guess I’ll have to be patient to see it from the start.

  14. [nObLe] says:

    christian was great. i love him now

  15. Can anyone find me a link to images of the t-shirt designs Christian was talking about in the show? I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Glad you guys liked the interview! He’s here because of listeners like Andrew and like you who got him on the show.

  16. kennidi says:

    THERES TONS OF SHIRTS like he was talking about at H and M! Diesel has some too! AND Forever 21

  17. See Fausto those asymmetrical T-shirt designs are SO HOT, that they’re not on the internet yet – you have to leave your house for them. They’re like those hot internet hook ups that you can’t get to come to your place, and you have to get in your car and travel to them. Just like those. And then you discover the T-shirt designs are a littler older than you thought they were, and the fabric is a little stretched out now. But you think “God, I just drove all this way, and I want a T-shirt real bad – okay I NEED a T-shirt reeeeal bad. But will I respect myself if I wear this T-shirt? Okay, I’ll wear this T-shirt just this one time, and then if it ever wants me to wear it again I’ll tell it I’m so, so crazy busy. I don’t even have time to think. And maybe after a while it will get the hint.”

  18. Oops – I forgot to write what I really meant to write:
    So Fausto, you read my question verbatim, and Jim Verraros calls me “sweet,” – you mangle it beyond recognition, and Christian V Siriano calls me “naive.” But actually, I’ve been meaning to say for a while that you guys have turned into top notch interviewers. I wanted to scream with the Margaret Cho episode – you guys hadn’t done any research, you asked every question that everyone has asked her for the past 20 years, and so she went on auto pilot. But with Ru Paul – for example -you guys had clearly done your home work. I love it when some guest comes in and they throw out some obscure name and you know who that is or the guest has to pause and think because you just asked them something they’ve never been asked about. Keep it up sexy babies.

  19. Boywonderva- I try to treat all my guests with the same level of respect and research. That’s why I put forward the same 20 questions at the end for everyone, regardless of how famous, unknown, powerful, rich or poor they may be. I see these interviews as a portrait of who they are at the time. If you don’t like how that person came across, maybe they were tired or having a bad day.

  20. We put a TON of research into the Margaret interview. She was a hard nut to crack. Please be mindful that when you listen to the interview that it is an interview and not her stand up act. Her act is not necessarily who she is in real life. If you want to hear her act, its available through our website.
    Here’s the link to the interview:

  21. Jamiexpup says:

    *Grins* Yay you made me so happy, you actually asked my question!!!! Thank you sooooo much. Really enjoyed this interview, it was great fun to listen to and brightened up my day.

  22. jarzium says:

    great interview!!! can you guys interview Chris next? i bet he would be great fun to interview.

  23. Fausto – it’s a great interview but I wonder where you guys build in a mechanism for others to aid in providing pre-interview suggestions for your consideration. It would be great to know this information for the future.

    I was curious as to what Christian’s perspective was on Jack Mackenroth’s unfortunate exit based on an infection. Both Jack and Christian paired up well in competition and seem to have an unspoken working relationship.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  24. Andrew J says:

    DC – Marc posted a thread on the Community forums (see below) about the Christian interview earlier in the week. Also, during the interview itself their status message on AIM said they were interviewing him and asked for any questions. I suggest watching the forums to see if they mention upcoming interviews. Also, if you hear them mention on a show that they will be interviewing someone later in the week (I think they mentioned the Christian interview earlier that week) you could just send them your questions at

  25. Thank you Andrew, glad you got my back. And our instant messenger is feastoffools4u and we often leave messages about what’s up there. We also, I suggest you all subscribe.

    I was going to ask him about Jack but then I was like “what’s he gonna say, that he’s happy he left due to illness? I think it would have just dead ended and I didn’t really want to spend so much time talking about other people, even though we did.

  26. frnndo says:

    This is an AMAZING show! I’ve been away for a little while but I’m catching up on all the shows I’ve missed. I just started my profile (blush), so I’ll add a pic shortly….


  27. not really a fan of project run away but i like to show a lot very fun

  28. Tallguy says:

    I like the show, but do not get to see if each week, I tend to catch it on the marathon weekends. I loved your interview, he seems very level head and smart, not what I was expecting.
    You guys are doing a great job, keep these shows coming!

  29. I love the flavor he brings to Project runway, and FOF. Slam Dunk, and what a talented cutie.

  30. xmaryx says:

    The shirts he was referring to were made popular by house of holland. Though they were inspired by old school 80’s “Frankie says to relax ” tees.

    Goggle “House of Holland t-shirts and a bunch pop up.

  31. I love Christian, he’s my favorite. So cute!

  32. vVTailsVv says:

    lol I love this interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  33. Congratulations Christian!!! I knew you could win the contest.

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