FOF #680 – Do You Believe

Jan 10, 2008 · 1985 views

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Jesus, Satan, UFO’s, crystal skulls, trickle-down economics and the flying spaghetti monster all make an appearance on today’s show. Your favorite lovable “That girl” for the modern day trannie, Tracy Tyler joins us once again […]


  1. Robert Kardashian is the father of Bruce Jenner’s stepchildren. He is Armenian.

  2. So yeah, Cardassian = reptilian bi-pedal humanoids on Star Trek TNG, DS9, and even Voyager…I HATE U SESKA!!! (sorry)

    Tracy, omg, I had no idea that you not had any facial work done, I totally have to agree with Marc and Fausto, DAMN GURL you look good!

    Purple Pearls, hmmm, interesting…maybe Tracy should get that to match her Royal Aura!

    Auras, can indeed be “polka-dot” depending on who is seeing them as there are several fields of energy that surround the body, which can and do explain why sometimes colors overlap and create a new color, come on…everyone remembers the “color wheel” right?

    Not to mention that you can have different colors around different areas. This is how some people can view the aura and let you know where you are not feeling so hot, or where energy is getting blocked. Viewing the aura can really help those who are studying Chakras, Reiki and Tai Chi, which all have to do with the flow of energy in one’s body.

    Loved the show today guys. I look forward to tomorrows!!

  3. Maia says:

    I am really enjoying the girl energy Tracy brings to the show. She’s delightful. The opening story yesterday was TOO much!

    I’m intrigued by the trans animals… Looking forward to “tranimals” as the next must-have plush toy Christmas gift. Can’t you see it? Move over, tickle-me Elmo!

  4. nccellist says:


    While I share your love for “Free to Be You and Me” and applaud you for bringing its wonderful message to the attention of those who may never have heard of it, the song you keep singing “This Land is Your Land” is not on that album. The title track was performed by the New Seekers and the words to the chorus are:
    In a land where the river runs free
    In a land through the green country
    In a land to a shining sea
    In a land where the horses run free
    And you and me are free to be, you and me

  5. Tracy Tyler is my hero. Love her!

  6. Lieber47 says:

    So… Tracy doesn’t believe in Jesus, but she believes in Mohammed and Buddha? That’s pretty funny.

    And I agree, the first time I saw a video of Tracy, I thought she was biologically female – I had no idea she was trans – you’re fabulous!

    Oh, and they are just now realising that Britney needs psychological intervention? That’s real old news, and I think Dr. Phil is pretty crazy himself.

    Clamato juice is sooo good. And yes, I’m Canadian. The beer and clamato sounds really good – clam and tomato go really good together, don’t make fun till you try it!

  7. Nccellist -REAALLY? I always thought that song was on the album! Whoops. I did loved the title song though.

  8. Oh now I see why I was confused, The New Seekers did BOTH songs, as well as the revision of the Coca Cola TV Jingle “I’d Like To Buy The World a Coke” into “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”


    Was so popular, that they turned it into a full length song:

  9. Here is “Free to Be You and Me”

    and “This Land is Your Land”

  10. This was great! I almost died lauging when Marc opened fire on Tracy with the belief questions, the yes’s and no’s and the questioning built to a geart ‘orgasm.”. my cum rag thanks you.

  11. kennidi says:

    LOVED THE SHOW AGAIN! I AM HOOKED! If it wasn’t for my friend Tracy asking me to listen I would have never heard of the show! I LOVE IT! Thank you all for making me laugh…I hang out with Tracy so I know all her stories and our stories are insane too! We get into a lot of trouble ourselves, so I love hearing her tell the world her fun stories! Also she was talking about the “Keeping up with the Kardashians, which is a show on E! Here’s a link to poster:


  12. Mike J says:

    Clamato and beer is actually good… I balked at it, but gave in on a dare when I was last in Vancouver. I would order it again.. I had no idea Mexicans drank it too? Interesting..

    Please come back to the show again soon Tracy, you’re hilarious!!!

  13. Jake Snow says:

    LOL OMG I thought I was the only one who got that TV show mixed up. I kept missing the ‘H’ in there cause I am a Star Trek nerd. Tracy you need to be on the show more often. You’re beautiful!

  14. Ace&Bubba says:

    Great Show guys and Tracy you have to come back soon. That story you told in the beginning was hilarious and HOT!!!! I think that maybe that guy knew you were trans but probably thought that you were post-op so he was expecting the hole not the pole.

  15. Benjamin says:

    A really good show! I really like Tracy, her energy, her personality. Have her back often!

    Clam and beer isn’t very common here in (currently frigid) Edmonton, but it’s not UNcommon for all of that. Ceasars, however, are ubiquitous. They’re one of the most common drinks, especially in restaurants. Here’s the recipe I use when I’m making them:

    Rim a collin’s glass with lime and celery salt. Fill with ice, add ingredients.
    1oz vodka
    Dash (I often use three or four dashes, for punch) of tabasco
    Dash Worchestershire sauce
    About a fingernail’s worth of horseradish
    Fill with Clamato.

    Garnish with a celery stalk or a lime.

  16. gabe says:

    tracy tyler is freaking hilarious. she needs to be a regular guest, nay, new co-host!

  17. Duane says:

    Tracy, Tracy, Tracy! I love you! You have one of the most infectious laughs I have ever heard. The opening bit with the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions was hilarious!! Thanks for another great show! Love ya 🙂

  18. Tracy and Marc – add me to the list of people who laughed their ass off at your opening sequence!
    That has to be in my top 5 of bust out laughing FOF moments!

  19. Mark… I’m not primatologist, but it grooming behavior it more generally social. It has been long documented that female ape/monkeys will trade sex for food (proto-dinner date) and trade sex for tokens that they can use for food. That is more clearly prostitution… grooming is more like flirting I think…
    And that opening was soooo funny!

  20. Curtis says:

    I would recommend to Marc and Fuasto and really anyone to watch “The Soup” on E on Friday nights (and repeated ad nauseum all weekend) to keep abreast of all the pop cultural blips like “Keeping up with the Kardashians” You don’t have to actually invest any of your life in watching the shows, they just distill it to the funny bits, and then you are “in the know”. Plus the Soup is riotously funny.

  21. Curtis says:

    woops sorry to misspell your name Fausto!

  22. Curtis says:

    Don’t we all trade something for sex? even people in traditional heterosexual monogamous marriages are engaging in a trade of something (security, having housing provided, control over the domestic sphere) in exchange for having sex. Sex is often referred to as the “wifely duty”, the obligation in exchange for whatever it is that women think they are getting out of the marriage.

    I think gay men are a little bit more likely to exchange nothing more than pure mutual desire since both partied are thoeretically on the same footing and want the same thing (the sex), but an exchange of some courting behavior- a cocktail, a dinner, a gift, a movie is more the cultural norm. Are they all “prostitutes”?

  23. That was so sweet of Tracy to give me shout-out! I had a great time visiting her when I was in Chicago earlier this month. Actually, she was getting ready to visit the Feast of Fools Studios just as I was leaving Chicago. I’ve been listening to FOF for a long time and don’t comment, but if Tracy’s a regular, I just may have to! Love ya all!

  24. Zoomer says:

    I\’m listening to January now (yay!), and Tracy is my new favorite guest. I should say your whole crew is great (I\’ve been missing Amanda), of course, but I just really enjoyed Tracy\’s personality. What a riot, and she seems like such an upbeat gal w/a great sense of humor to boot. She made me laugh outloud. Now that I\’m actually listening to Jan. shows, I\’ll try and live up to my new year\’s resolution, which is to be a better loyal listener and comment more often. I KNOW there are probably TONS of folks out there who love your show but don\’t comment…not because we don\’t want to, but because of all the lame-ass excuses we all have…you know, being busy, life going too fast, computer incompetence (me, who can\’t even spell it), etc. So I promise to try harder. I tend to download a buttload of shows all at once and then slowly work my way through them, but that\’s only about an hour a day when I\’m working out, so it\’s easy to get behind. However, know that I am but one voice of thousands who really appreciate your efforts — what you\’re doing is awesome and so important. I think I need one of them there mugs — great idea!

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