FOF #727 – Shake it Sister

Mar 25, 2008 · 1985 views

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We got your fill of diva-licious podcasting today as Jenniphre Zias is in the house! One half of the country duo The Shaker Sisters comes to talk about their brand new album “All Night Through” […]


  1. Fabs says:

    Hey Guys!
    Hope you actually did have a happy easter. Great show! Great guest! Jen is such a lovely and funny person. It\’s a real petty she hasn\’t been on so much yet. I loved the chicken by the way. I think it\’s sound eaven beats the whistle.
    Looking forward to tomorrows show!
    And Jen in case you are reading these comments: PLEASE COME BACK SOON! AND COME BACK OFTEN!
    Lots of love to you all!


  2. My family blew out eggs also but not sure it was a hispanic thing. I think it was more of a cheap thing because my mother used the egg yokes after! Ewww!

    Anyway, loved the show! Happy Easter! Jennipher was great, hope she comes back very very soon!

  3. I work for Intercontinental Hotels in Milwaukee, and we offer a “intimacy kit” in our minibars as well, it consists of lube, condoms, and sani-wipes (for after sweet lovin is over) I think it is a great thing, and our guests love having them. Instead of drunkenly asking front desk where the closest 24hr Walgreens is.

    Great show as usual…

  4. gabe says:

    i can also confirm that confetti eggs are very hispanic indeed. we didn\’t do it so much here in the states when i was a kid, but when we used to visit my father\’s family in durango, mexico, and you could buy confetti eggs at the local park square.

    also, my justin\’s family (also mexican) does the eggs during easter – in their family, these eggs can be lethal. he has two brothers the size of football players, and when they throw those eggs, they THROW those eggs. i will see if i can find the picture of our friend audrey after one easter – she has welts covered in confetti on her back.

  5. Pete says:

    this podcat is so raza now…what\’s next? reminiscing about putting chili powder on lollipops or using CDs as display ornaments on your rear-view mirror?…but seriously, i love the latino culture fausto infuses into the show. represent.

    michael stipe coming out as gay is like oprah coming out as black. i knew as a 9 year old watching the losing my religion video on MTV.

    i love the shaker sisters song but i think its funny how often musicians say how many of their big hits \”almost\” never made the album. good show and glad you guys are back!

  6. Jim_ATL says:

    I saw photos of Michael Stipe participating in an orgy back in the mid 80s. A very close friend used to work in a 1 HR photo processing shop where one of her regulars brought in several rolls of film on which he captured the event. I recall several clearly revealing Michael engaging in a little c*ck smoking. He appeared to be rather coked up as well. It was the 80s after all. I don\’t think she kept any copies (couldn\’t do so legally) or I would send you a JPEG. But most of us knew the first time we saw him in any REM video.

  7. My family never actually BLEW the eggs out, but rather, cracked about a dime sized hole at the top of the egg, and then took the egg out (you know, when my mom would make us \’huevitos revueltos\’) and then we\’d rinse the inside and save them. After that came the dyeing and filling with confetti, and finally we\’d cut little square shaped pieces of tissue paper and then use that to glue the the hole shut. The great thing about these cascarones was that, if you were gonna get confetti on someone you liked, you\’d sort of break the egg in your hand before scattering it all over the person\’s head. If it was someone you totally couldn\’t stand, say like, your obnoxious brother in law for example, you could slam that egg as hard as you possibly could and then pass it off as just the regular celebratory Easter tradition. Good times.

  8. Jim, I\’m sure somebody has photos somewhere.

  9. Jake Snow says:

    OMG the chicken was hilarious! You need to stroke that chicken every so often for that great sounding sexy result. This show was way too short too! Too much fun.

  10. PureeTofu says:

    I love hearing from Marc\’s high school buddy.

    That chicken though, dear god, sounds like you threw a squirrel in the dryer. What was funny was my senior English teacher had the same chicken and wore it around her neck while reading the Rhyme of the Mariner. The funny part was if you fell asleep the chicken would come flying across the room from this 4\’ 10\” woman and *SQUUUAAAAK* across your head!

    I never got the e-mail with the song link (last one didn\’t work either, I run Safari 3.1).

    Either way, can\’t wait to hear a non-super-pre-recorded show.

  11. MouseGirl says:

    I thought Michael Stipe came out years ago. I remember more than five years ago my friend saw him at a gay bar in Atlanta. I didn\’t know it was a secret. It\’s almost to the point where everyone is assumed gay and straight people have to come out.. or go in. Wait, I just confused myself.

  12. Mateo says:

    I thought Jen was great. You should definitley have her on again! The chicken bit was funny!

  13. I read an interview in Butt a couple of years ago with an ex of Michael Stipe, stating Stipe could (and I quote) \’f*ck the chrome off a bumper\’. A phrase I had never heard before, but it sounds like a compliment.

  14. The expression is \”suck the chrome off a bumper\” not fuck. But if he said fuck that would be really funny.

  15. Ok found the quote (dammit you made me do research!) Butt, summer 2002: \’People give him hell, but he was a good lay. He could Fuck the chrome off a bumper. He definitely fucked the shit out of me. That was fun.\’ So there you have it folks.

  16. SAL-E says:

    Was that really the chicken you were squeezing?
    Was Amanda there?
    Come on now!
    For Real?
    For Real?

  17. SAL-E says:

    Fuck the Chrome off who? I want to meet this Bumper dude.
    Love ya

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