FOF #772 – Mask On!

Jun 3, 2008 · 1985 views

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I simply can’t stop looking at, one of my all-time favorite websites. Mask-on is a support site dedicated to trannies who like to “mask.” “Maskers” enjoy cross-dressing as women by using masks instead of […]


  1. Here is Carolyn’s “butch” side:

  2. I make a point of listening to episodes with Tracy right away (of course), and she’s always so much fun. Today was no exception. But what great discussions you all had today, too, especially the ones about plastic surgery and sex play vs real molestation. REALLY interesting show! Well done! But that mask thing creeps me out.

    Here’s some New Zealand trivia for you: Natasha Bedingfield’s parents are New Zealanders, and her older brother, pop singer Daniel, was born here. And You Tube’s “LonelyGirl” was Jessica Rose, who was raised in New Zealand. All that in only one episode of the FoF!

    Have fun in Milwaukee!

  3. RcktMan says:

    I agree completely – today’s show had a little bit of everything… hilarious situations, a great Tracy Tyler sex story (LOVE those stories!), a moment of levity (thank you for opening up to us, Tracy! You are so loved, I hope you know that!), a few moments where things got a little outta control, and lots of weird and quirky news.

    I saw those pictures of Carolyn on Flickr the other day and got a chilly feeling up my spine… I thought she looked like Michael Myers too! If I saw her in the park coming toward me… especially if it were a very forest-y park… I’d run.. FAST!

    But then I’m sure she’s a very nice person.

  4. Good, thought provoking show. I had major hots for the young art teacher at high school, I was 16 and he was about 22 – aaah those were the days.

  5. You better run for your life Rick!

  6. Cliff Dix says:

    Tracy is hilarious! Go back to your high school reunion and blow them away. I was closeted in high school but went back to my 20th reunion way down in South Georgia as an openly gay man. It fazed no one. Everyone was very positive and friendly even more than when I was a kid. I think by the 20th class reunion everyone has matured enough to handle the truth. You could get the award for most changed! (And I mean that in a good way)

  7. In the Hetro kink community in California, this type of mask fetish is very popular. I have met and know at least 4 men who love this fetish. My play partner would like to wear these type of masks when we play. Sadly I am also one of those people that finds it more creepy than sexy. A downside is that when someone wears a mask like these at a party they run the risk of not meeting others due to the turn off of the mask. This is a fetish I have no problem just watching from the side lines.

  8. I can’t stop looking at them or watching the videos. I am addicted. Here’s on of my favorites.
    Here name is Julia and she is HOT! HOT! HOT!

    And here she is SMOKING HOT!!!! And I think she may be self-pleasuring!

  9. Matty says:

    What an interesting show. You go Tracy! For standing up to him at 14. I wish I had the courage to stand up against my father. He never molested me, he abused me. He’d get mad at me for being “different” and my ADD and bipolarity and he’d hit and smack me till I’d either pass out from crying or faint from the tramua. Then I’d wake up with a mout full of blood, brusies on my face and in my room not knowing what time it was b/c he’d taken all the lightbulbs outta my room and lock mein my room in total darkness. This all happend about 4 or 5 times total and only when my mother was away on business trips, i was like 6 or 7 when it started and about 10 when it stopped. But yeah I should of told and I didn’t. But I applaud your strength. Great show you guys!

  10. Matty says:

    We’re having a two year reunion at my friend Gina’s next august. I cant wait. So far everyone I graduated with who now knows I am gay is totally cool with it. Especially al the popular girls they’re all like, “We totally knew! Matty.” and I just scoff and say, “Well you could’a told me!” But yeah my graduating class had only 37 of us and only 9 of them we’re boys. I never crushed on the athletes at my school much I always crushed on the quite, boys from neighboring schools, ya know they were the “boy next door” type. Well anyway, we have runions usually at someone’s house who still lives in town, so usally at one of the family farms. But the school sponsored reunions are every 10 years when our honor year comes up. So my first offical reunion will be 2017., and we have them at the local KC hall cause the nearest hotel around hear is 3miles away from Advance, MO google us! But it should be a shin-digg (yes they still say that here). Great show you guys!

  11. Well I’m a country girl at heart — that story almost made me cry — I’m glad you’re past all that now sweetie —I look at those kind of times like this , I wouldn’t be as strong of a person today if it wasn’t for all the teasing and bashing I’ve endured throughout my life.

  12. Its a wonderful weird world (www) when you find people who find Jocelyn Wildenstein hot and sexy! God those videos are scary and beautiful.

  13. Matty says:

    Thanks Tracy. 🙂 He stopped once I got big enough to fight back. He’s afraid of me now. Which I dont enjoy, but hey, it got him to stop abusing me. I feel the same on situtations like that. I try to learn and grow from them. So I can become an even better human being.

  14. Well…I LOVE FOF, but I think TRACY TYLER is AWFUL and bring so much ignorance to the podcast that me and my friends have to DELETE the podcast that she is in.Her voice it is SO ANNOYING!!! and she sounds like a RETARD.
    I’m sorry guys I REALLY LOVE FOF,Fausto,Mark,Amanda and SPECIALLY SALE-E THEY ARE AWESOME.
    Saying that, I think you guys are smart enough to find a better transexual that actuallly has something better to say to the GLTB community.

  15. trannylover says:

    I personally like it when Fausto and Marc have trannies on the show, it ads a level of uniqueness you’re just not going to find anywhere else.

    It’s a Feast of FOOLS for a reason!

  16. Latinwitch: virtually your exact sentiment has been shared with us about every single person who appears regularly on this show – Fausto, Marc, Sal-E , Amanda etc. Listeners often have their dislikes and their likes.

    It is just the nature of what we do. Not everyone is going to like everybody that’s on this show.

    We believe in Tracy and her talent and that’s why we choose to have her on.

  17. You be nice to Tracy. She’s my alter ego. And because my ego is a little bigger than everyone elses, so is Tracy.

  18. Alex says:

    Can I just say that I frickin’ love Tracy Tyler. Her laugh is like Ebola it’s so addictive! Tracy needs to have video re-enactments of her stories with her narrating and Marc and Fausto playing all the parts. That would make my life.

  19. Latinwitch: Leave Tracy alone! If you don’t like a show that’s fine but there is no need for vitriolic outbursts using personal insults like RETARD. Oh, and whilst we’re on the subject it’s Marc with a C and Sal-E with one E!!!

  20. Alex says:

    I meant contagious, not addictive. No one is addicted to Ebola =(

  21. AHHHH thanks for the support guys!!!! — I’m just a friend of Marc’s and Fausto’s that’s all — I’m not really on here trying to impress anyone or promote anything like many of the other guests do. I just come on and talk about my life is all. Of course not everyone is going to like me. Oh well — however I do send you love and joy Latin Witch in 3 fold (wink , wink) 😀

  22. Well guys ..I’M SORRY if i offend you Tracy it was not my intention.It was just my Opinion.
    I dressed up and lived like a woman 24 hrs 7 days a week for 5 years in my 20’s..I mean take the bus..get to work life in general and used to inject and take hormons,That’s when i met my 10 year partner.
    Saying that i know how hard it is to be and live in this society like a transexual, that’s why i respect you and love you Tracy.
    I agree with you Marc, like we Mexicans say”I’m not a gold coin to make everybody happy”

  23. I’m sorry Fausto if i been so honest about what i think.I love you.. and your show it just so addictive,optimist,funny,smart,artsy,informative…in other words you and MarC are Totally awesome!You guys are like good cosmic dust traveling thru my speakers 🙂
    And Mark Wilson your spelling it is not so perfect 😉 ,i would like to see you writing in spanish! 😉 I hope you got my point Wilson.. and i am not trying to offend anybody of my qualities or “defects” It is to be tooo.. honest.
    Because i love and care so much for FOF(the best thing ever happend in my life) it is that i’m trying to be a little bit of a critic :)…don’t take it so personal ….be Happy!
    It doesn’t mean that i want Tracy out of the program! I just saying that she should be a little more educated about her comments and research a little bit before (like fausto and mark) about the theme they are talking about( Sorry if i called you Retard Tracy ,but when you talk like you don’t know what you are talking about…hmm?).
    I just think that to be in one of the best gay podcast in the USA and be in contact with so many people(3262638618899302939093LOL) you need to Research about what you are going to talk , if not you sounds like an ignorant.
    Love you Tracy! ..nothing personal, it just that your voice don’t come out thru my speakers quite shooting…I still think you are a Wonderful person for helping Mark and Fausto to be the BEST Gay Podcast in the USA
    MUA!!Besos para ti Fausto eres una de mis fantasias..estar contigo y Mark…
    See you next episode!!

  24. Due to upcoming exams, I just listened to this show. Nice to see you back Tracy ! I always love to listen to your stories !

    I want to see Fausto or Marc sit on a cake while wearing those masks.

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