FOF #833 – Project Drag Queen

Sep 4, 2008 · 1985 views

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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SHOW If you love drag queens and Project Runway, today is the show for you! We’ve got New York City’s very own Miss Understood of Screaming Queens talking about the […]


  1. Jonathan says:

    So my favorite podcast is feast of fools and my favorite show is project runway so you can guess how excited I was when I saw this episode. I normally listen on my way to school but I had to listen to this one right away, and I am glad I did because it was a great show. Miss Understood is crazy and a little scary.

    When are you guys going to get Christian back on the show?

  2. I noticed Korto’s dress in the commercial too, but then my BF pointed out that the fabric she used came from D.V.F.s vault so they probably just used the same, very recognizable fabric. The dress in the commercial wasn’t the same cut or design when I looked closer. God bless DVR.

  3. Matt says:

    Loved this show! Being a drag queen, fashion lover, and fan of Project Runway. This was a show made for me! Loved Miss Understood, she was witty, funny, original and opinionated. Loved it! Great show boys!

  4. Branden says:

    RUPAUL is awful, lame, tired ass queen, who really looks run down or coke out…, but can’t wait for her show!!!

  5. Branden says:

    btw designs on a dime is finally having a store front opening soon, so if you ever in cincy area come and chk it out.

  6. Robert says:

    Ru Paul’s really really bad chin and cheek implants are very very scary !

  7. Ronan says:

    Great show. Miss Understood comes across as hip, smart and sexy. I hope to see her on the show more often.

  8. Dave says:

    Great show! Two great tastes that taste great together: FOF and PR.

  9. Branden says:

    i can tell you what taste good…………

  10. pjs46 says:

    I think Keith is straight too.

  11. corey says:

    Maybe Ru was trying to look like Heidi…

  12. DantheMan says:

    Yeah I know, it suckz. Someone make him an ex-straight.

  13. álvaro says:

    When Fausto and Miss Understood refer to the car parts challenge in Project Runway, they mismatched the film and the designer 🙁

    The look they refer to is seen in one of Almodovar’s movies, Kika (not Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown) and the designer for that was Jean Paul Gaultier, not Thierry Mugler.

    Hope that helps

  14. Yes! It was KIKA! That Motorcyle journalist outfit was what I thought those guys were going to do, and it looked NOTHING like that, which was kind of lame.

    Here is a scene from the movie translated into Russian, but you can see one of the costumes I was thinking of:

  15. Superboy says:

    Great show on Project Runway. I’m really happy they chose to do a whole show on drag queens as well.

    I’d love to see Marc and Fausto as judges on the show!

  16. Kieran says:

    Kika is a great film and that outfit was fabulous. Great to see interest in Pedro’s movies. I rewatch them all the time.

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