FOF #891 – Christmas with Peaches

Dec 4, 2008 · 1985 views

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Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho. For many the mere thought of the holiday season is enough to send chills down your spine. Christmas films expose our anxieties and our desires around the pressure from both […]


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    I love Peaches whether she smacks gum or not. More movie recommendations please. Now I have only listened to the first half so I am not sure if you talked more about Black Christmas which is an excellent horror movie made years before the first Halloween movie. It stars Margot Kidder, Olivia Hussey and Andrea Martin! All as sorority sisters being stalked by a creepy serial killer who calls them and says things like, “I want to lick your c@#%!” I think your link to the Amazon is linking to the horrible remake from a few years ago which strangely also has Andrea Martin in it. Here is the link to the more superior film that I am sure Peaches was talking about:

  2. Thanks Cliff. I changed the link!

  3. I wish we had heard of this before we taped. It would have been perfect for the show.

    Man uses candy cane to subdue attacker with knife
    Wed Dec 3, 9:11 pm ET

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A man using a candy cane lawn ornament fended off a knife-wielding neighbor who had been attacking holiday guests at a Sacramento home. Police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong said the man used the two-foot-tall plastic ornament to subdue the attacker until officers arrived.

    [Read more here.]

  4. Dan-X ! says:

    Here’s some trivia I thought of in regards to today’s show that I think you guys will enjoy if you don’t already know. I love The Shining too. Like Peaches, it’s one of my faves and a film that I too watch annually, though not necessarily during Christmas. Anyway, the soundtrack to The Shining was done by Wendy Carlos, who is a pioneer of electronic music and a M2F trans person. She also did the soundtrack to the film Tron. Prior to her transition she performed the original music for the soundtrack to the film A Clockwork Orange as Walter Carlos. (Fantastic soundtrack, btw.) Before that in 1968 she had what was arguably the first ‘classical’ album to go gold with sales over 500,000 – Switched On Bach. Some classical purists debate this distinction though because Carlos’ album consisted of electronic interpretations of classical standards as opposed to traditional orchestral versions. Here’s her Wiki entry…

  5. Mikey Dee says:

    hey i really loved the first santa claus movie with time allen…and jingle all the way was good too!!! ahaha …MUPPETS CHRISTMAST CAROL forever. there seasons greetings.

  6. RcktMan says:

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t talk about Silent Night, Deadly Night – talk about a horror movie that demonized Santa! Santa was a serial killer and went on a killing spree. It was made in 1984 and was hugely controversial simply because Santa was portrayed as the killer – people all over wanted to get the film banned. Of course it was pretty standard slasher fare, but surely it fits in the mix with the rest of the picks! 🙂

    I LOOOOVE The Shining! It’s so creepy without really being gory – something about that hotel and the camera angles that Kubrick used just made that movie SO CREEPY. I love movies like that- where the thrill is more psychological than bloody. SUCH a classic.

    And of course I’m so glad you all love “A Christmas Story.” The fact that it has such a warped sense of humor, all the while being very sweet and a wonderfully-told story, I think, has kept it from becoming the next “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Of course it helps that people like us, who grew up when it first came out, still love it and quote it verbatim to this day.

    Loved the show guys… anytime Peaches appears is a fun time… I really enjoy her perspective on movies. 🙂

  7. rds150 says:

    Loved the Sjow. Its always great when you have Peaches. The movie you were talking about, with the demon baby is called “It’s Alive” from 1974

  8. kieran says:

    Female Trouble is my Christmas movie. I was so glad when Peaches paid homage to it. Its the contrast between singing the insipid Christmas carol and burying her parents under the tree that makes it. Who doesn:t know about cha-cha heels by now?

    This was a great show but when Fausto started talking about his goat I lost it on the train. You can`t start giggling insanely on trains in Tokyo. I had to rip the headphones out of my ears and calm down.

    One other thing about Christmas in pantomine which means drag queens. Its THE time of year when drag queens really excel either as the 3 ugly sisters or the Wicked Witch or the Widow Twankey which I think Ian McKellan our wonderful British queen preformed last year. So not a movie but Christmas to British queens panto and drag

  9. Andrew S. says:

    So you guys missed the best Christmas movie ever “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. What other movie brings the best holiday Halloween and the 2nd best together so well.

  10. Apparently people have been scaring the shit out of each other during Xmas time forever- even before it was Xmas

  11. Kieran says:

    Christmas means watching Female Trouble, the greatest Christmas movies ever and not on your list. I love the Peaches paid homage to that great film the great scene of the cha-cha heels, a gay legend. Its the counterbalance of the insipid sickly Christmas carol and Divine ripping open her presents and burying her parents under the tree that makes it so superb.

    Christmas in the UK means panto! Pantomime when the great drag queens had their season. Its the greatest honour to be given the role of the Widow Twankey or to be one of the ugly sisters. Danny La Rue was the greatest of all. Even Sir Ian McKellen took his turn last year I think. The tradition of christmas and drag is VERY strong in the UK.

    Lastly. I lost it on the train when Fausto talked about his christmas goat. I was laughing but trying to suppress it because I was on a crowded Tokyo train full of commuters. That was so funny. Please get another goat and do a video.

  12. Jos says:

    Thank you Dan- X…you brought me back to Walter Carlos. Did not know that it is Wendy now.
    Reminds me of “Sonic Seasonings” which impressed me. I now shall by the CD. After 36 years, I lost the record.

  13. I have such a hard-on for Peaches. She’s absolutely whip-smart and almsot had me for a second with the fibabout gum benig “new on the drag scene” in the seventies.
    There is a living Philly punk legend here obsessed with Vincent Price. I own several of his paintings, in fact, in which Price is commonly the subject. Someone made a documentary about him and I believe he begins waxing poetically in regards to Vincent before it even hits the minute mark.
    He used to hang in a coffee shop all day selling his works for a buck apiece. These days it’s up to $2 but still worth it if you’re ever in the area.
    Makes me proud to be a born and bred Phillie.

  14. Great show guys, Peaches was entertaining and insightful as usual. Got to agree with Mickey Dee, christmas wouldn’t be christmas without the Muppet Christmas Carol or, for that matter, Nightmare before Christmas.

  15. I put a link to The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. I could have sworn we talked about it. it was on Peaches’ list.

  16. I didn’t know Wendy Carlos did the music for the Shining!

  17. All the movies we “missed” we actually meant to talk about, but that’s what the comments are for! Thanks for reminding me of “It’s Alive!” One of the best horror-baby movies.

  18. As always, I had a blast doing your show! I didn’t even realize there were so many Christmas movies I truly loved. I did want to talk about the Nightmare Before Christmas but I think we ran out of time talking about Fausto’s toy goat. Whoever heard of someone getting a toy goat that eats cigarette butts for Christmas? I guess it’s just part of being exotic!

    I do want to say however, that after doing your show I’m feeling the holiday spirit a whole lot more. Thanks girls!

  19. BrettC says:

    What I find hilarious is both BLACK CHRISTMAS as well as A CHRISTMAS STORY had the same director, Bob Clark. He also made PORKY’S, so he’s the ’80s king of scaring us, remembering Christmas, and members in the shower. Go Bob! He passed away not too long ago, but I really enjoy his films. Glad to know two of them took top places in Peaches list.

    Loved Peaches in MILK.

    My vote goes for CHRISTMAS EVIL which John Waters endorses as well.

  20. Curtis says:

    I’ll be the one to defend “It’s a Wonderful Life” I guess.

    Yes, it is not as twisted and dark as many on your list and it is brimming with sentimentality and the appearance of all American old fashioned values, but I do get much from it both as a Gay man and as merely a human.

    One of the things I really love about it as a Gay man is the message that every life, every interaction with others counts and touches countless lives which inspires me to reach out to my fellow man and realize that I don’t have to be the most powerful or the richest person in the world to have a positive impact on the world. George Bailey’s parenthood is the least impactful and important of all the relationships he makes. His relationships to his neighbors and those he helps in the course of an average day are far more important to the films message and outcome – something I can appreciate as a Gay man who never plans to marry or have children but who still wants have impact on this world.

    I also love the message that it is our friendships and our relationships with all sorts of people that we develop over our lives that give us a “wonderful life”, not our accumulation of material goods or overt power. It’s a very subversive message in a country dominated by commercialism and greed.

    I also love the humanistic message of the film. George Bailey dismisses nobody in his community. He helps the people at the bottom: the town whore, the immigrant, the poor blue collar worker because he believes that everyone deserves help because they are human, not because they have a good credit rating or a professional degree or obvious social standing. While “God” and the concept of angels is used as a framing device for the film, there is nothing particularly religious or Christian about George’s journey.

    And if you want darkness, well the whole film is predicated on a suicide attempt. Does it get much darker?

    Clarence as mentioned is very “ting-a-ling”. He’s the gayest angel on film.

    I admit it , I love this film, it isn’t Christmas without it, and I think it is one of the great films of the Hollywood Studio system. I need only see 30 seconds of any part of the final scene of the film to break down in tears. If that makes me a sap then I’m happily and joyfully a sap. You guys need to drop the wall of hardened cynicism that demands that every film give you blood to be worthy of praise and open your hearts!

    Watching “Female Trouble” while I work on Holiday projects is an annual tradition as is watching “Auntie Mame” in which a pivotal Xmas plays a central part of the plot.

    Two others I love at the Holidays which are dark and twisted are”Bad Santa” the filthiest Xmas movie ever, and “The Ref” wherein a family is taken hostage on Christmas eve. The anal sex jokes, and Santa fetishism alone in Bad Santa make it an instant holiday classic. And “The Ref” has one of my favorite holiday lines when Christine Baransky (gay icon) yells “Can’t we all just shut up and celebrate the birth of Christ” as everyone is screaming at each other at the dinner table. I try to use it at least once very holiday season.

  21. Curtis – you are an old softie!

    I’ll check out Bad Santa and The Ref fro next year.

  22. pjs46 says:

    I really like Home Alone and its partial filmed in Chi town.

  23. BrettC says:

    Just watched another one… THE REF with Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis.

    What other Christmas movie would have the line… “Don’t eat the penis! It’s just for garnish.”

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