FOF #1041 – Getting in Hot Water

Aug 20, 2009 · 1985 views

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Interview with Matt Johnson the manager of a coffee shop in Oak Park who’s gotten into hot water for booking a minister who advocates gay reperative therapy. Tyra Banks yanks out her hair extensions and Project Runway returns to TV.


  1. J-Public says:

    Check this out. A tranny was treated rather rudely at a Wendy Williams taping:

    • Wow, I’m really sorry she had to go through that. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. For being drag-like herself, you’d think Wendy’s staff would be a little more open minded.

      We went to a taping of Jerry Springer and followed the dress codes to the “t” because we didn’t want to get down there and wait for hours just to be turned away. They still stuck us in the back 🙁

      • J-Public says:

        yeah…. its too fucking bad that no one stood up for them. knowing my ass, i would have stood up and said something to Wendy before they hustled me out of the studio… I’m sure she didn’t know about it but i would have made sure she did know.

  2. Alfonzo says:

    Being a self-proclamed Jesus queen, it makes me very happy to see the former-gay fakes exposed for what they are, FRAUDS. If Jesus loves us, we should love ourselves, too. It really saddens me that most of the gay communities exposure to faith and God is these nutcases claiming to know everything.
    I find really amazing is that these people are always walking around quoting John 3:16, but competely turn their back on a very important word in that verse: “Whosoever.” I guess in their minds, it doesn’t apply to the type of people they don’t like.

  3. Cray says:

    Hmmm… Love the w ay that guy hates on younger gays. And that’s why there is such a generation gap!

  4. Curtis says:

    It is one thing to censor the repairative therapy person, and another thing entirely to provide a forum for him to spout his at least misguided, and really very hateful and damaging ideas. While I do think it is important for us to understand where our enemies are coming from I don’t think that obligates us to give them opportunities to speak. Go listen to him at another forum.

    These people create so much pain for young and closeted members of our community. Many people have worked very hard to stop these nut jobs from getting academic accreditation for their seminars and getting the APA to change their guidelines on this kind of anti-gay therapy, it’s little sad for us to then give them a place to speak.

  5. Curtis says:

    here here. Madonna should be applauded for showing us all that it is possible to be sexy and powerful, creative and relevant after 50 without giving in to the usual desire to sing adult contemporary or jazz standards and give in to the notion that she’s “old”. I still love her and admire her.

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