FOF #1225 – Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Jul 27, 2010 · 1985 views

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Bon Voyage Bertha! Our friend Michael Bowen best known as Drag Queen and Pie expert Bertha Mason, is moving to the Big Apple to bake tasty pies with hot toppings!

Joins us as Bertha tells us how to make the perfect pie and what he’s going to do about her long term sexual relationship pretending to be a coach and why so many women loving women love vegan desserts.


  1. I loved today’s show. As always I laughed tons but there is one subject that continually comes up. I live in Arizona and yes I am a natural born citizen. The rest of the world only sees what is shown or heard on the news. Here in the state of Arizona we pay super high insurance for cars that are stolen and driven over the border and because there are so many illegals driving without insurance. When illegals make the trek to Arizona they have a very harsh desert to cross. Many of these people end up dead. Also, in order to survive they are destructive. Local farms living on the border are constantly fixing broken pipes. If they need to drink, they just smash open an irrigation pipe to get water and leave it running wasting thousands of gallons of water. They also have “hot houses” where they pay someone to get them across the border. Once they are here, they are subjected to lodging in non-air conditioned houses with 100s of people. Their families are asked for more money to free them. This law is actually saving lives and reducing the crime in our state. I understanding wanting to better yourself but you can’t create a crime to do it. Poor people need food, should they just go into a store and steal it?
    This law has been around a long time, they are just enforcing it now for the safety of Arizona residents. Citizenship procedures need to be fixed as well.

  2. “The sex was mediocre; the acting was extraordinary!” I loved it!

  3. Greg says:

    That pie looks pretty good. Going to make it for my picnic on Sunday. Will the custard keep?

  4. Curtis says:

    Not finished with the show yet.

    First I wish I was there to sample that pie! Lemon and Blueberry – awesome!

    When you talk about people or politicians that work against us, using the word “hater(s)” to describe them is way too nice. I think we have too often soft peddled what these people really are. Can we all agree that instead of making them sound clinical with the word Homophobe (which they can often worm their way out of by saying “I’m not afraid of gay people that word doesn’t describe me”) or haters which sounds so namby-pamby. Lets call them BIGOTS. That’s what they are. They have dedicated a serious part of their career or activist energies working to deprive or strip us of equality because of who we are. They are bigots.

  5. John says:

    Haters, bigots, tomato, tomahto.

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