FOF #1280 – Project Runway Takes a Dive

Oct 29, 2010 · 1985 views

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Mondo Loses! People are outraged that Mondo Guerra, the fabulous HIV positive, Dia de Los Muertos inspired fashion designer got second place on the Season Finale of Project Runway.

Join us a we rate the runway and talk about some of the worst costumes we’ve ever worn worn for Halloween.


  1. Mark Ridge says:

    Just wanted to leave a brief comment and say how happy I was to see on your website that Clint McCance was going to resign. Didn’t buy his apology, but at least he is stepping down.

  2. Maybe Nina was right? No way! I love that black dress with polka dots and I’m glad he stood by it.

    • Andy says:

      I agree, I am disspointed Gretchen won. I found even Andy’s collection was better than Gretchens. At least Mondo won $20 000 Dollar at one challenge. But I really liked this season, it was quite emotional and “real”. Much much better than the last two boring seasons.

      I hope you will interview Mondo in the near future. 🙂

    • DanC says:

      Don’t put the clown down.

  3. Rob says:

    Ugh, Gretchen was the worst, hated her from the start. Still, good season all around and like Andy said felt much more ‘real’ then last few. Still, bummed Mondo didn’t make it, loved that little dude.

  4. Stephen says:

    Honestly? Has everyone gone insane? Mondo’s clothes are tacky with a capital “T”. They’re like bad hot topic. I’m colorblind, and I can match better than that. Even though I didn’t think Gretchen’s clothes were that great, they could at least be worn by real girls. That’s why she won.

  5. Yodi says:

    WTF!!! gretchen, that talentless bitch won! how the hell those dumb ass judges passed up mondo’s designs as the true winning look is beyond me. i am calling for all gays to boycott project runway in the future so that they won’t be able to continue producing such a BS travesty. livid.

  6. just wanna let you know u look sexy with the beard on Fausto. A little too manly to be Fausto though

  7. RcktMan says:

    I loved this season of Project Runway — the 90 minute episodes allowed the producers to take their time with telling the story, instead of constantly rushing to get the models to the runway all the time. We were allowed to actually get to know the designers instead of just glimpses of their personalities. Overall, I think it was a major success.

    And I loved Mondo. LOVED him. He injected SO much heart into the show this year– more than I have ever seen before. While the revelation of his HIV status was not exactly ground-breaking — in that they have had contestants with HIV before– his revelation and the reasons behind it were incredibly moving and REAL. For the first time, I actually felt like I was truly watching a REALITY show.

    I’m bothered though with all the Gretchen bashing. Yes, she was the “Villain” this season, and yes, the “Villain” won– but I honestly think she was just greatly misunderstood. I think she grew a lot too– after she was knocked off her pedestal by Tim Gunn after the team challenge, I think she realized what a b*tch she was becoming. She still wasn’t an angel… but I felt like she at least came back to earth a little bit. And as for her designs– I liked them, but not as much as Mondo’s– however, the collection was judged as it stood– and I believe Gretchen’s was stronger. It had a more solid point of view, and a definite customer. Mondo could have stood some editing. If he had done that, he surely would have won.

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