FOF #1293 – The Wit and Wisdom of Lady Bunny

Nov 23, 2010 · 1985 views

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Today New York City drag legend Lady Bunny, one of the smartest drag queens in the world talks politics with us. She’s the founder of Wigstock, former roommate to RuPaul and current judge on Ru Paul’s Drag U.

She’s taking your questions and weighs in on the charade of war and security.


  1. Tony C says:

    Fun show!

    I agree with Bunny that gay people should be fight for peace not war but what’s fundamentally wrong with DADT is that for some people the military is the difference between going to college and working at McDonald’s.


  2. I thought this show was great! Lady Bunny raised many great points. Obama is not playing up his accomplishments. Does anyone even remember he won the Noble Peace Prize? If Sarah Palin won that she would remind us every single day!

  3. Jack says:

    Fantastic show. Lady Bunny and Peaches Cream are my favorite guests on the show. I could listen to them all day. Both are intelligent, witty, interesting, entertaining and just good people. Lady Bunny, thanks! You are indeed fabulous!

  4. seawall says:

    This episode inspired SO many wrong thoughts. Like, “Red Bull gave River Phoenix wiiings”, and “Are Playboy bunny feet as lucky as rabbits’?” Cheers for that.

  5. RcktMan says:

    LOVED this episode guys. I’ve long enjoyed Lady Bunny’s columns in Advocate and I read the column on HuffPo — she really does have a head on her shoulders— and she needs one to hold those wigs up! 🙂 LOVE YOU LADY BUNNY!!!!

    I agree completely on her positions on both the wars we are in and on gay marriage. Hell, I am nowhere near getting married, union-ized or anything… but why we are focusing so much energy on marriage is beyond me, when we have so many other issues to worry about.

    I believe that civil unions need to be the government standard anyway– ALL couples, regardless of their orientation, would get a Civil Union to make it legal, then have the Marriage ceremony in whatever church they choose, IF they choose. If churches don’t want to offer Marriage to LGBT folks, that’s up to them. They can be hateful and sit in the corner. The ones who do, will only benefit from it. That way, the separation of church and state applies, and the holy rollers can have their way.

  6. Joe says:

    Thanks guys… great interview. Bunny is a real crass act.

  7. Frenchy Pixiedust says:

    lady bunny i am thinking of starting a job as a drag queen please help me with your beautiful wisdom

  8. BASboy says:

    A great eye opening show. Between all the comments from Fausto about how Lady Bunny isn’t smart enough to spell her own name and other comments / jokes abut how dumb Lady Bunny is, I had no idea how politically savvy and together (at least for the interview) she seems to be. It was only recently that I found out she was a founder of Wig Stock. Before that I had seen her in the Wig Stock Movie but didn’t know her importance. A sad example of gay history fading away. At Five and Forty years I should know better.

  9. TheMightyArdech says:

    It gets better? I have had Hiv for 27 years. And I’ve been abandoned by my community, by political laws and by the medical community. They blame me now! Although the disease was not identified when I was infected. I have sexual intimacy only with myself. And once I was aware of HIV’s existence I never infected another gay person. I have always stated why would I help destroy my own tribe…but it seems they will unfairly leave me to the wolves. Wolves that have threatened me, and in this country (Canada) have made advancements to center out “this illness”. This is their cure “identify HIV people and mark them with a big red “H”. Only this illness and none of the other potentially “deadly illnesses”. How is this better because my own people are ignoring this injustice

    Well I hope you feel safer because I feel nothing anymore!
    The Mighty Ardech

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