FOF #1309 – What up with DADT?

Dec 21, 2010 · 1985 views

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Even thought the top brass in the military still have to approve the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the ban is as good as gone. Many politicians and celebrities are rushing out to claim credit for the repeal, but who can truly claim the fame? Dan Choi? HRC? Bloggers? President Obama? Lady Gaga? The Internet?

Plus, Barbara Streisand’s new book takes you on a never before seen tour of her lavish home, including the tiny cobblestone village built in her basement.


  1. Avatar Me says:

    Okay, I wasn’t too clear, I should have said there isn’t a DADT “Repeal for you”

  2. Avatar Tony C says:

    I’m so stealing the Gwen Verdon line.

  3. ‘Kill your parents, and set the house on fire!’ – Thanks for the hard laugh. There is nothing like a FOF holiday podcast. ‘)

  4. Avatar seawall says:

    Heehee, for clarification, I am biologically female (Angela Wells on Facebook! Go ahead, keep stalking), I’m just very soft butch, especially in photos. 😉

    There might be purslane at the local organic shop, but New Zealand is strict about foreign plant imports because they take over like triffids in our Eden-like soil.

    Also, that song was “People Are Still Having Sex” by LaTour. I’d thought it was KMFDM, myself.

    • I always like it when a terrible disease becomes part of a dance hit. If the song were released today on the internet, you know it would go VIRAL! Get it? Viral. (cough)

    • I kind of want to become Barbara Streisand’s house mate after seeing her coffee table book. But I would have to be high on lots of painkillers all the time.

      “Oh Fausto, let’s have lunch in my cranberry room! Then we can take a nap in the nap room, and later on pretend we’re rich Victorians in my underground village.” We love you Babs!

      • Avatar seawall says:

        “Fausto, people are posting negative reviews of my book on Amazawn! Post a response!” Really, the review section is crazy, the few people saying anything negative are being dog-piled in comments. Now that’s fandom.

      • Oh will you copy and paste some of the funnier ones? I love reading those!

      • Avatar seawall says:

        This one is pretty searing, a two-star review with four indignant responses:

        “If you love Babs, you’ll love this book, unless you also hate ostentatious bragging from a woman who is so far removed from regular folks she has no conception of the fact that the only people who would be interested in reading about how she had each piece of her huge house custom-designed, custom-built, custom-flown across the continents and custom-painted would be her rich and famous friends. The book makes her come across as completely out of touch with the real world, and the reader can’t help but wonder how she is so blind to her complete hypocrisy, as when she rails against insensitive polluters at the end of a book dedicated to showing us how much wasteful spending of resources and needless shipping she has done just so she can get a joist looking right. “

      • Avatar seawall says:

        This one even harsher, with seventeen indignant responses:

        “A successful woman with oodles of money and time creates her own world to live in, down to the last bud on the last flower. Not since Joan Crawford published her advice books 40 years ago have we had a book written by someone so out of touch with the “real” world.

        My Passion for Design is indeed stuffed with colorful photos and spreads to illustrate her gardens, rooms, closets, etc.; passages of comments from the author pop up throughout. Does she know what she talks about? Yes. Names, dates, and searches for what she wants are ponderously detailed. The issue is that only 0.02% of people can use this information. Can I whip out my checkbook and spend millions on chickens to lay green eggs? Or hire gardeners to come over and debate the nature of the color red for the perfect rose? In this economy, few people outside her fanbase of rabid fans are likely to buy this book.

        One wonders if she makes her husband maintain his white hair so as not to clash with the decor. . . .

        What could have saved the book from the cutout bin? Tone down the author’s search for the perfect doorknob (hip readers will get my AbFab reference) and instead feature sections on “here is what you can do to spruce up your home and gardens with a limited budget. If I can do it, so can you with my help!” That way the average reader could relate to her and her book.

        Ultimately, this is a handsome-looking book about. . . nothing at all.”

      • There’s something really deliciously wonderful about all this. Is it because she’s a rich, out of touch woman? If Donald Trump put out the same book it wouldn’t be as much fun.

      • Avatar seawall says:

        Yeah, I can’t imagine a similar book by him gathering as much bold-faced adulation or scorn, it’d probably just quietly drift to the bargain bin. There’s even debate among the review comments about whether her “narcissism” is allayed at all by proceeds from the book sales going to women’s heart health research! I don’t even know what to say at this point.

  5. Avatar GayMarine says:

    Yes, it seems everyone is claiming credit for the repeal of DA/DT but it seems everyone has forgotten who started it all. Way back in 1995, less than two years after DA/DT was signed into law by President Clinton, a small group of veteranss met with the Whitehouse and Pentagon staff and called for the repeal of this unjust law.

    The leader of this group of pioneer veterans was James C. Darby, of Chicago. So he should be given the title of “Father of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell Repeal”. At the time he was President of Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Veterans of America (GLBVA) and he was the first to call for repeal and worked tirelessly to get these meetings. Also a part of these meetings were Edward Clayton, Mel Tipps and Cliff Arneson.

    So let’s give some credit to Jim Darby. Not just a Chicago hero but a national hero as well!!

  6. Avatar Jaycub says:

    I just “got” the show title..

    Clever wordplay, guys!

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